Saudi Telecom to launch new brand using ItsOn platform

The Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is going to launch a new brand called ‘Jawwy from STC’, which will be positioned as a ‘disruptive’ brand and will use ItsOn’s cloud BSS/OSS platform.

STC is the dominant multiplay telco in Saudi Arabia and has a 47% mobile subscriber share there, according to Ovum’s WCIS, as well as operations in other Middle Eastern countries. This move seems to be fueled by the high smartphone penetration among younger Saudis, and the fact that almost half the population is under 24 years old and two thirds are under 30.

ItsOn recently helped Telefónica Mexico launch a cloud-based customer platform that permits ad-hoc fine-tuning of customer tariffs as their needs evolve. Younger subscribers tend to be more value-conscious so it’s thought that offering more control over what they pay for will provide some competitive advantage. Jawwy will be available as a SIM-only offering, requiring the download of an ItsOn-powered app to provide the full service.

“We needed to develop a new offering for digitally-savvy young people,” said Dr. Khaled Biyari, CEO of STC Group. “The millennials of today’s Saudi Arabia exemplify the ongoing shift in consumer behavior and expectations. They live in an always-on, real-time world and they expect companies to cater to them in the same way. Jawwy is a significant part of STC’s current digital transformation and we believe this initiative will set the pace for the telecom sector in KSA and beyond.“

“Jawwy is a visionary brand that believes in offering its customers simplicity, transparency and trust. The digital experiences it will deliver to its customers directly align with this intent,” said Greg Raleigh, CEO and founder of ItsOn. “We designed our platform and our company for just this type of partnership – to seamlessly integrate with operators, so they can quickly become a digital service provider, engage better with users and increase customer loyalty.”

As ItsOn continues to announce client-wins it’s safe to assume the big BSS/OSS players are taking note, especially since most of them are making a big point of emphasizing the cloud in the core strategies. It wouldn’t be surprising to see one of the big players make a bid for ItsOn before long.

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