Virgin Mobile thinks the word OOMPH can win over subscribers

UK MVNO Virgin Mobile is taking to the telly for the first time in eight years with an ad apparently aimed at children or anyone with a short attention span.

The unique ingredient Virgin would have us believe sets its 4G apart from all others is, we’re told, OOMPH. To non UK readers, or indeed anyone inclined to use actual words rather than comic sound effects, oomph can be used to describe emphasis or charm. It is also, Wikipedia tells us, a German band and pioneer of the Neue Deutsche Härte rock genre.

Such substance as there is to the claim revolves around the zero-rating innovation unveiled by Virgin Media late last year, which involved allowing the use of certain instant messaging services without charging for the data. This seemed a bit gimmicky at the time but Virgin is apparently so happy with the results it has felt moved to splash out on TV ads.

“This is a big moment for Virgin Mobile and a fitting tribute to our history as pioneer in the UK mobile market,” said Peter Kelly, MD of Virgin Mobile. “Ten years ago this week, Richard Branson shook up the UK telecoms market by combining broadband, TV, home phone and mobile services to create Virgin Media. Today, we’re bringing some of that Virgin magic back to the mobile market and there’s more to come.”

“’4G with added oomph’ puts Virgin Mobile front and centre again and sets the tone for the red hot work you’ll see from Virgin Media throughout the year,” Kerris Bright, CMO at Virgin Media. “Virgin Mobile has a long track record of innovating to bring a better deal to UK mobile users. Our latest offer means our customers have even greater flexibility with their mobile data.”

The first airing of the ad was during Ninja Warriors last Saturday, most probably a good choice as it caters to just the kind of credulous punters the ad is aimed at. You can see it in all its glory below.

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