Huawei has launched a KFC-branded smartphone. Seriously

As the battle for differentiation in the brutally competitive smartphone industry intensifies, Huawei China is positioning a new smartphone as finger lickin’ good.

Truthfully it’s not so much a new phone as a limited-edition commemorative version of the Huawei 7 plus. The phone is bright red and has the familiar Colonel Sanders logo on the back together with the year 1987. This apparently refers to the year China first sampled the unique delights of the Colonel’s heavily seasoned, deep-fried poultry – an event so significant that its 30th anniversary should be marked by a special smartphone.

The product was announced on KFC’s Weibo account along with a video that you can see below. We put the posting through Google Translate and the result is worth reproducing here.

‘# Kentucky China 30 years from 1987 to 2017, 30 years accompanied by the taste of the times, suck refers to the aftertaste! Kentucky together with Huawei joint cooperation, the introduction of Huawei Chang enjoy 7 Kentucky commemorative version of gorgeous struck! Commemorative Edition laser back carving, pre-installed Kentucky Super APP, with WOW member 10 thousand K gold, but also the first to experience k-music song function. Limited to 5000 will soon be on sale, waiting for you to grab!

As you might have been able to discern from the translation, apart from the branding these phones also come with the KFC app preinstalled. Among the countless benefits this app confers is the apparent ability to determine what music is being piped over the PA system of whichever KFC restaurant the user is in. Just when you thought the fast fried chicken experience had reached its apex KFC, with a bit of help from Huawei, has raised the bar once more.


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