Netflix says 67% of people watch on mobile but Amazon set to can bundling service

Video-on-demand giant Netflix has released some survey data indicating two thirds of people stream video content in public.

At the same time Reuters is reporting that Amazon has pulled the plug on plans to launch a streaming service that bundles select US broadcast and cable channels together because it can’t reach an agreement with the content owners. This sort of thing is apparently called a ‘skinny bundle’ but media networks don’t seem keen to allow such cherry-picking of their channels at a price that Amazon finds acceptable.

This also comes at a time when Amazon is aggressively exploring other ways of making a few more bucks out of video content, including a TV series take on Lord of the Rings, apparently intended as its answer to HBO’s enormously successful Game of Thrones. It’s also apparently talking to content owners about an ad-funded VOD service using long-tail content and it seems to see as some kind of gateway drug to its Prime service.

Back to the Netflix survey. The point of it seem to be to prove that people just can’t get enough VOD and are even prepared to risk public humiliation or opprobrium to get their fix. Almost half have apparently spotted other people watching over their shoulders and a quarter have ended up having a chat about it. They even did an infographic and everything.

Netflix mobile infographic

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