Interoute taps Unisys to make cloud easy

Backbone operator and cloud services provider Interoute has teamed up with IT services firm Unisys to develop a ‘more disciplined’ approach to cloud computing. The partnership focuses on a combination of Interoute’s IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and virtual data centre offering with Unisys’ management suite.

The business and communications worlds are certainly enthralled with the concept of cloud services at present and many companies are keen to understand the benefits for their business and how they can integrate cloud services with their existing infrastructure.

This is where specialist players such as Interoute and Unisys see an opportunity, enabling organisations to deploy virtual computing and storage infrastructure for their enterprise applications in a matter of minutes, with the optional security of a private cloud.

According to Interoute, its virtual data centre offering “is easily scalable, from just one server for one hour, to 100,000 machines across multiple countries. Its structured pay that is based on a ‘pay-for-what-you-use’ makes it as cost effective as a public cloud, but uses Interoute’s own network infrastructure to give the additional security of a private cloud. And to support compliance with European data legislation the VDC service also allows users to select between the different countries in Europe where the physical VDC infrastructure is located.”

Matthew Finnie, CTO, Interoute, said: “Support to accelerate the move to cloud computing is what the industry needs right now. Some organisations want to be able to migrate with expert support and guidance, to ensure they receive optimum benefits from the cloud – including increased efficiencies and flexibility. In the past, some companies have been reluctant to move to cloud computing due to basic concerns and lack of knowledge. [We] will address all those concerns, while making the process as simple and straightforward as possible.”

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