Global telecoms defies lockdown with an industry celebration

With governments around the world seeking to prevent people having a life, the Awards represent a much-needed opportunity to celebrate business as usual.

Now in their seventh year, the Glotel Awards are arguably more important than ever, considering the massive disruption experienced by the telecoms, and pretty much every other, industry. While business on the whole has suffered greatly from restrictions on people’s movements, the pages of reveal that activity in our industry has barely skipped a beat.

2020 was long anticipated as the year of 5G and, while it turned up in its initial form earlier than expected, this has still been the year in which things got serious. 5G phones have been selling like hot-cakes and, in some countries, you can get a 5G signal even if you’re not sitting on a base station. Along with that, proper commercial applications of the technology are starting to appear and more spectrum is being made available every day.

Us telecoms types aren’t the sort to let something as trifling as an epoch-defining pandemic cramp our style, so why not shout your defiance from the rooftops by ensuring you’re in the running for a prestigious Glotel Award? We may not be able to celebrate the winners in person this year, but we’ll certainly commemorate the occasion in some way.

Now you may be thinking that we’re bound to big-up the awards, seeing as they’re ours, but they’re yours too. As one of the most respected awards events the global telecoms industry has to offer, the Glotel Awards represent a massive mutual pat on the back for all of us, one which we have earned. There’s just one problem though – the deadline is this Friday! Four days is still plenty of time to submit and entry, but you’d better get a move on by clicking here. Good luck.

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