Ericsson launches network slicing optimisation tool

5G Core Policy Studio is a bit of software designed to help CSPs make the most of the capabilities offered by network slicing.

Ericsson describes is as a ‘central provisioning engine that works at the core of the network.’ It’s a software suite that can be integrated into Ericsson’s 5G core and seems to be a contemporary take on BSS/OSS in that it allows easy control of all policies that manage 5G (and 4G) services. Specifically it’s a tool designed to help CSPs offer bespoke services via network slicing and manage the resulting billing arrangement.

“Working at the core of 5G evolution, we see that 5G is a software game,” said Monica Zethzon, Head of Solution Area Cloud Packet Core at Ericsson. “Through our software, we make networks smarter because that in turn enables smart business. Smart networks are key for enabling communications service providers to offer customized services to consumers and enterprises.

“With our 5G Core Policy Studio, they will be able to provide tailored connectivity services across their customer base. Ericsson’s 5G Core Policy Studio is a network programmability tool to adapt service performance depending on conditions such as the type of subscription, time of day, service area or device location.”

Andy Hicks, Principal Analyst, GlobalData, says: “Ericsson 5G Core Policy Studio builds on the company’s strengths in converged policy control and feature support by introducing unified control of all policy enforcement mechanisms as well a new network programmability tool,” Andy Hicks, Analyst at GlobalData is quoted as saying in the press release.

“GlobalData has assigned Ericsson’s policy control products a Leader ranking. Integrated with these products, Ericsson 5G Core Policy Studio should help operators to monetize 4G and 5G services and network slices, by speeding innovation and adjusting network service characteristics both granularly and dynamically.”

Ericsson reckons this software can save CSPs up to 70% of their policy configuration operational expenditures, so it will be up to them to do the ROI maths. Then again, maybe Ericsson is giving it away to anyone who buys its 5G core as a bonus feature.

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