CES 2022: A view from the show floor

Gary Shapiro

As CES 2022 enters its closing moments we spoke to in-person attendee Frederick Reynolds from MicroAI, to get his thoughts on how it’s gone amid the restrictions and exhibitor cancellations.

Were you concerned at all about attending CES this year or were you determined to go?

Not really. This is our 6th conference in the last 6 months. All the events have taken extra precautions. If anything, CES went above and beyond with their safety measures.

How quiet is it compared to normal CES events?

I would guess attendance is 30% from its peak a few years ago.

What’s Vegas like at the moment, still able to have some fun in the evenings?

Vegas is totally open. Other than wearing a mask if you are indoors and not eating or drinking, it’s pretty much normal.

What has been the general mood of those attending CES?

There is nothing noticeably different with the mood of those at the show, as compared to previous years.

What seems to be getting the most buzz on the show floor?

Connected cars is hot. There seems to be a lot of robots in various booths, and there are several AI, medical connected devices, and companies that combine the two technologies.

 What do you think is lost in the virtual aspects of the show?

Honestly, I have virtual tired head so I don’t pay any attention to the virtual aspects of this show, or any other.

Do you get the impression big events like this have changed over the past two years and will incorporate more virtual aspects, or will it be business as usual in 2023?

I believe it will be business as usual sooner rather than later. It already is for a lot of organizations.

What’s been your one biggest highlight of the event (you can include any luck in the casinos)?

We had a big dinner at Tao with customers on Wednesday night and then into the casino. Just like the good old days.

What’s one thing you wish you could change about CES?

The dates. I get wanting to start the year as the first event, but make it easier on us and move it forward a couple of weeks please.

Will you be attending next year?

We have already signed the contract for our suite.

Frederick Reynolds is VP Marketing at MicroAI, an edge-native AI company providing predictive maintenance, advanced manufacturing, and cyber security solutions for connected equipment and IoT devices.  Previously, Reynolds held the same position for IoT and telecom companies including AeXonis, Taqua, and Genband.

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