Giganet and Cuckoo go on a recruitment drive

giganet and cuckoo

Broadband firm Giganet, alongside its recently purchased consumer facing brand Cuckoo, will hire 250 people to run a series of new customer service hubs across the UK.

As well as the customer service hubs, the raft of new hires will go towards bolstering the firms’ technology, marketing, ‘talent’, HR and finance divisions. It’s not clear exactly how many are going to which operation, but since Giganet bought Cuckoo earlier in the year they seem to be acting as one on this project.

The line of delineation between the brands is that Cuckoo is the lead consumer operation for its core residential customers, while the Giganet brand is more enterprise focussed. Giganet launched its fibre broadband service to households just over a year ago and bolstered by a £250 million funding injection from Fern Trading, now reaches over nine million homes across the UK. The acquisition of Cuckoo was a move to accelerate the growth of its network across the country.

Alongside the new regional hubs and the graduate programme, Giganet will be developing a graduate training programme, through which places will be offered to up to 20 graduates over the next year.

“We are enormously pleased to be able to make this announcement at a time when the country is financially hurting,” said Jarlath Finnegan, CEO, Giganet (pictured above, second from left). “Giganet is growing and these new jobs will help us push forward and bring faster broadband to people being let down by our competitors.”

Alexander Fitzgerald (pictured above on the left), CEO of Cuckoo added: “Our customers know we have their backs and we will keep moving forward to bring faster speeds and value for money. So, just like our network, our company is expanding to every corner of the nation, and we want to tap into the talent we know is all over the country. We are an example of what can be achieved in modern, brilliant Britain. There is a lot of economic doom and gloom but Cuckoo and Giganet are on the up.”

These new hubs are part of a plan by the firm to ‘disrupt the UK broadband market by prioritising customer experience as the rollout of full fibre accelerates,’ we are told. It might be a bit of a stretch to describe aspiring to decent customer service as ‘disruptive’, but that depends on your opinion of the status quo, we suppose.

To hear about Giganet’s plans and market position from the horse’s mouth, check out this episode of the podcast with special guest Jarlath Finnegan, CEO of UK Giganet.


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