UK broadband speeds have increased by 60% since 2018 – Ofcom

Figures from Ofcom claim the median average speed of a home broadband connection has reached 59.4 Mbps – a 60% increase on the average speed recorded in 2018 of 37 Mbps.

The report also says speeds are clocking an 18% increase compared to a year ago, and 91% of homes surveyed now have a superfast package – classified as having a download speed of at least 30 Mbps – up from 85% 12 months before. The comparison range seems to be from March this year.

The gap between the average urban and rural speeds has widened after sustained period of narrowing, in other words while rural areas are also experiencing higher speeds they are not being deployed at as high a rate as in urban areas.

There wee plenty of other titbits of info on the precise performance of the UK’s broadband network, such as median upload speeds have increased by 9% to 10.7 Mbps over the course of a year, on average the 8-10pm ‘peak’ period download speeds were 6% slower than the average max speeds, and Virgin Media’s 1.1Gbps service had the fastest median average 24-hour download speed of 1,138Mbps, while TalkTalk’s 500 Mbps full fibre service has the highest median upload speed of 73 Mbps.

ofcom broadband chart

You can obviously get into the weeds with this, and that appears to be the entire purpose of the Ofcom report, but the obvious thing to take away is that in all parts of the country people are getting faster broadband services. Which you would of course expect as that’s the whole point of the rollout, and there are so many companies digging the earth and laying fibre in the UK right now.

Check out our interview with CityFibre’s Strategy Director Clayton Nash where he discusses the idea that the market is likely to see a lot of consolidation in the next few years, among other things.


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