Jolla revives Meego with Sailfish OS

Finnish start up Jolla Mobile has unveiled its Sailfish OS; a Linux mobile operating system based on the the abandoned MeeGo project. In a show of support for domestic innovation, Finland’s third largest operator DNA has said that it will distribute handsets using the OS upon its commercial launch.

In addition, handset manufacturers will be able to licence and use the OS in a similar way that they currently do with platforms such as Android and Windows Phone.

Jolla was set up by a group of ex-Nokia executives aiming to design, develop and sell MeeGo-based smartphones. MeeGo is a free, Linux-based mobile operating system project that was first announced at Mobile World Congress 2010 by Intel and Nokia, but abandoned in 2011.

Jolla executives raised €200m ($258m) in capital to get the project off the ground. The entire Jolla development team unveiled the OS on stage at the Slush 2012 event in Helsinki this week.

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