3 solves billing issues

Reports have been circulating this week that some users of 3 UK’s new X-Series service may have been over billed for data usage.

Despite having an unlimited data plan, with a 1GB per month fair use limit, a number of users have reported higher than normal bills.

3 has said that in about 50 cases an error occurred if a user had already exceeded their fair usage amount and was being billed in the same week.

But a spokesman for 3 on Friday said the error had been detected and already dealt with. Apparently no subscribers would have actually received a bill for the excessive amount. The company claims that its ‘My 3’ balance monitoring application was highlighting errors prior to billing.

In any case, it is company policy to contact users that have exceeded their fair usage limit by text message and request cease of use of the included data services for the remainder of the month.

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