Opcos looking to enterprise for cloud revenue

Although large enterprise customers remain the focus for mobile operators worldwide when it comes to deploying cloud services, operators feel unlikely to generate a significant return on investment from cloud services in the short term.

The Intelligence Industry Survey asked what percentage of revenues operators are likely to invest in cloud services over the next two years. The mode response was between 11 and 20 per cent – with 28.9 per cent opting for this bracket. When asked what percentage of revenue respondents believe operators will see for their investment, the mode response, with 38.1 per cent, was zero to 10 per cent.

Just over ten per cent of respondents believe that more than 50 per cent of cloud revenues will come from the enterprise segment over the next 24 months. On average, respondents believe that around 33 per cent of cloud revenue will come from this segment. SMEs were identified as the next most lucrative segment for cloud services; over 50 per cent believe the segment will account for between 11 per cent and 30 per cent of operators’ cloud revenue until 2015.

Conversely, four in ten (39 per cent) of respondents believe the consumer segment will account for less than ten per cent of cloud revenues for the next two years, and almost 80 per cent believe it will account for less than 30 per cent.

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