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Trump calls for US 5G leadership once more

...more attractive as well as reducing the bureaucratic hassle around deploying small cells. Modernizing Outdated Regulations This includes the net neutrality dispute, ease of access to cell sites, investment in...


BT pleads for open access to street furniture

...all our diverse communities.” While some small-minded public servants might point to the lost revenue when ending the exclusive concessions, you have to look at the long-term benefits. The West...


Are you ready to look at 6G? predict what future energy consumption needs will be. Small cells do not consume as much energy as traditional sites, but there will need to be a lot more of...


AT&T crowns itself the 5G King of the World

...through, new FCC rules on small cells are a prime example, the road is being newly paved for acceleration. “Industry is not asking us for money, its asking us to...


FCC moves forward with small cell plans despite backlash

barriers for small cell deployment. The new rules focused on reducing fees the authority or government can charge telcos applying for permission to deploy the small cells, and secondly, reducing...


Can we ever hope to eliminate mobile notspots in London?

...mitigate each of these issues, such as deploying small cells or repurposing lower frequency spectrum from 2G, but some problems will always persist. When you consider the number of factors...


5G: Are we there yet?

...small cells, wireless standards are beginning to look more at the transport use cases. In Phase 2 for instance, the concept of joint backhaul and access could be introduced to...


5G needs to be profitable

...of the air interface, to an implementation of a virtualized, load-balancing core; to small cells that can be cost-effectively sited and serviced with power and backhaul. The quality of the...


KPN launches 5G trials alongside 3.5 GHz moan

KPN has announced the launch of four new 5G trials in the Netherlands, while also giving the government a bit of a nudge to grant access to the 3.5 GHz...


Arqiva and O2 kick start small cell mission

borough have been identified, making use of some of Arqiva’s concession contracts, with work set to begin in the summer, running through to 2020. The 300 small cells will be...


Two tiers very evident in US telco rankings

...using 800 MHz, 1.9 GHz, and 2.5 GHz, adding thousands of new cell sites to expand coverage, and densifying the network with more small cells to increase capacity and speed....


Shuffle Sites: Lighting and Connecting the Smart City

...requirements of the local municipalities and carriers regarding the appearance of small cells. The small cell has also been designed to accommodate 5G networks in the future. The Shuffle Site...

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