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Telecoms.com Intelligence, the analysis arm of Telecoms.com, is our bespoke research and analysis service. Working in conjunction with clients, our intelligence experts create independent and unbiased content that raise brand awareness, drive leads and enhance thought leadership status.

All content creation services are designed as a complete marketing package. Content is published on Telecoms.com and promoted via a full-scale, multi-channel marketing campaign over 4 weeks, to drive awareness and capture leads. At the end of the campaign receive the full contact details of everyone who has downloaded your piece of content.

By working with Telecoms.com Intelligence you benefit from a professionally designed, co-branded piece of content, which can be used time and time again for your own marketing purposes to educate your target audience.

Telecoms.com Intelligence content creation services include:

  • White Papers
  • Survey Reports
  • Monthly Briefings
  • Industry Surveys

Whitepapers (exclusive)
Created to highlight your company’s products and/or solutions, the content of a whitepaper is written by our Telecoms.com Intelligence team in conjunction with your company. Share information and insight on your chosen business, products or technology area.

Survey Reports (exclusive)
Gain valuable insight into your market by conducting a survey to our database on the topic of your choice. The Telecoms.com Intelligence team convert the survey results into a co-branded report with graphs and charts.

Monthly Briefings (exclusive)
New for 2019, the Telecoms.com Intelligence team will be publishing an in-depth analysis of a hot industry topic, designed to be co-branded with both the Telecoms.com Intelligence and your company’s logo. Published at the start of each month, each topic will be chosen to coincide with a key industry event to be held the following month. Our co-branded Telecoms.com Intelligence Report is the perfect showcase for your brand and designed as the complete marketing solution.

5G Industry Survey (multi-sponsored)
The 5G industry survey takes a snapshot of the telecoms industry’s attitude on the current status of 5G and future trends. The results of the survey are written up in a special report which is published in May 2020, ahead of 5G World in London on June 10-11.

Annual Industry Survey (multi-sponsored)
The Telecoms.com Annual Industry Survey is our comprehensive sweep of the entire communications landscape.  Every year over 1,500 industry professionals respond to the survey with their first-hand experience, as well as their perspective views on the current status and future trends of the industry.

For more information on working with Telecoms.com Intelligence, please contact: sales@telecoms.com

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