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Online Safety Bill now ready to become law

The UK’s Department for Science, Innovation and Technology has announced the controversial Online Safety Bill has been signed off by the Houses of Parliament and will become law soon.

The Podcast: Apple, China and Open RAN

Despite an early start Scott still managed a cheeky PR lunch before this pod. No guest this week and the lads start by reflecting on the latest Apple launches, including the now customary four iPhones. Spoiler alert: nobody was impressed. That topic naturally leads on to the matter of China, which is rumoured to be placing restrictions on iPhone use, and which apparently continues to find ways around the US tech embargos. They conclude with a look at the latest effort by the UK state to restore some momentum to Open RAN.

The Podcast: Huawei, Open RAN and Europe

The lads have finally stopped mucking about in other countries so the pod returns after its summer break. And who better to welcome them back than the pod’s most frequent guest – telecoms and tech exec Mary Clark? Pausing only to sample some weapon’s grade pale ale Mary brought over from the States, they start by examining the significance of Huawei’s latest smartphone launches. They then move on to ponder the fortunes of the Open RAN market before concluding with a quick analysis of potential leadership changes at the European Commission.

EU names big tech firms it has in its DMA sights

Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, ByteDance, Meta, Microsoft are all now officially designated ‘gatekeepers’ by the EU, meaning they have six months to comply with a list of new regulatory demands.

The Podcast: Rakuten, BT and US vs China

The lads manage to squeeze in a pod between their various summer holidays, principally to enable Scott to document his tan. They start with a look at the state of Japanese internet and telecoms giant Rakuten, which recently lost one of its most important execs. BT, meanwhile, has wasted little time in appointing a new CEO, so they move on to discuss that, before concluding with a look at America’s increasingly self-harming attempts to stop China developing technology.

Three UK uses SRN milestone to push Vodafone merger

Three UK has rolled out mobile coverage to 100 sites under the government’s shared rural network programme, shoehorning a quick mention of the benefits of its proposed merger with Vodafone into the announcement.

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