Network data analytics and why NWDAF is must of 5G

Date: 6th October 2021
Time: 2pm BST

Openet/Amdocs, in conjunction with Telecoms.com, invite you to a deep dive into the world of network data analytics for 5G. We’ll define what a best-in-class NWDAF looks like and outline the justification for this new 5G function.

We will explore the key considerations when deciding on new use cases and how to deliver tangible value through their application.

Key topics include:

  • NWDAF introduction and overview
  • Considerations for use case selection and application
  • Harnessing the ROI on your lessons learned with AI modelling, accuracy vs compute power, trade-offs and algorithm selection
  • NWDAF in context with Open Ran and MDAF (Management Data Analytics Functions)– and beyond the standards

Alan McNamee- VP Technology – Chief Scientist at Openet
Cameron Ross Dunne – Director of IP Management at Openet
Sarah Philpott- Director of Data Management at Openet
Gilli Shama- Chief Data Scientist at Amdocs
Wei Shi – Intelligence Content Manager, Telecoms.com

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