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Next-generation WDM technologies offer choices to meet rising bandwidth demands

Transition to the cloud, smart city development, spreading deployment of the internet of things and the advent of 5G are converging on service providers and multiservice operators (MSOs) in a perfect storm. According to recent research, the world spent a combined 1.25 billion years online in 2020 alone. With 40 percent of the global population yet to connect to the internet, the demand for bandwidth will only continue to grow.

Historically, the answer to the bandwidth crunch has been to lay more fiber. Now, recent developments in WDM performance, form factor and OSP integration have made the technology commercially attractive across the board, from tier-2/tier-3 cable providers to wireless networks. This new generation of WDM solutions gives network operators a powerful tool that can be used either instead of, or in addition to, laying more fiber.

In this white paper you can find more about:

  • What WDM technique is, how it evolved and what benefits it offers to cable operators and mobile networks
  • Two main WDM technologies – coarse WDM vs dense WDM
  • Overview and comparison of the advanced WDM technologies: 3-port TFF WDM (FDWM); Free-space CDWDM and AAWG
  • WDM use case examples: coexistence of multiple PON standards (GPON, XGS-PON and NG-PON2) and WDM use cases in the RAN


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