Monthly Briefings

What Should We Expect Beyond 5G?

It may still be the early days of 5G, with the first commercial networks going live less than two years ago, but certain quarters of the telecoms industry, especially those in academia and R&D, have already begun casting their eyes to the world beyond 5G. This Intelligence monthly briefing, the final issue in its current format, examines these visions to see where consensus has already developed and where the jury is still out.

How the Telecoms Industry Can Get the Best Out of AI

Artificial intelligence has become buzz words in many industries. Telecoms is not immune either, despite that there are many misconceptions of what AI is about, and how the telecoms industry can benefit from embracing it. This Intelligence special monthly briefing aims to separate noise from truth by looking at what AI for telecoms entails […]

Making Sense of the Telco Cloud

“Telco cloud” has become a byword for telecom modernisation, though views on exactly what the cloudification of communication networks entails may vary from people to people. This Intelligence monthly briefing, sponsored by Red Hat, explores the implications of telecom operators’ migration to cloud on their strategies, as well as the different options they may […]

What a Wonderful World of 5G Devices

Since the beginning of 2019, more than 250 devices with 5G connectivity have been announced, including 40 smartphones already commercially available. Meanwhile, operators around the world have established many partnerships with device makers, aiming to ride on the appeal of these devices to attract more consumers to the 5G services. This Intelligence monthly briefing, […]

Great Expectations for the Next Generation 5G Core

2020 is going to be the year when we see the first standalone mode 5G networks being rolled out. A key component of standalone 5G is the next generation 5G core, which is critical for 5G operators when they attempt to deliver on promises for more advanced services, like end-to-end network slicing. This Intelligence […]

What we talk about when we talk about digital transformation

Digital Transformation is one of the core buzzwords in the communications industry nowadays, but it can mean quite different things to different parties. This Intelligence special briefing looks into how the industry practitioners have undertaken the tasks of digitally transforming their businesses, what are the key success factors as well as the main obstacles […]

Bringing Internet to the Other Half of the World

While global internet penetration is growing rapidly, half of the population is still unconnected, largely in emerging markets. This Intelligence special briefing looks into what the business community and the public sector can do to overcome connectivity barriers on both the supply and demand sides. The aim of connecting the unconnected is not only […]

All Modes Lead to Home: The New Broadband Access Boom

This Intelligence report examines the competing and complementing dynamics between different broadband technologies, in particular the fixed (especially FTTx) and the Fixed Wireless Access (especially 5G-based) solutions.

Edge computing: will 5G make it a reality?

This Monthly Briefing, including input from telecom practitioners as well as leading industry analysts, looks at the status of mobile edge computing and considers how stakeholders can best address the opportunities.

What’s Next for 5G? (and What is 6G?)

Welcome to the latest Intelligence Monthly Briefing, which focuses on what’s next for 5G, including 6G. T5G has only just arrived but people are already wondering what’s next. This special report examines the progress of 5G and provides early insight into what 6G might bring.