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Digital Commerce Transformation for Communication Service Providers

It’s an exciting time for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). The world is better connected with mobile devices and apps – and now with the arrival of 5G, AR/VR and the Internet of Things, the potential for growth is huge. Yet, the industry still lags behind in customer experience and this is largely as telcos are […]

O-RAN Next-Generation Fronthaul Conformance Testing

Mobile network operators (MNOs) are driving the adoption of an open radio access network (RAN). The O-RAN Alliance has defined a 5G RAN architecture that breaks down what was once a single-vendor, hardware-centric RAN into several sections with standardized interfaces between them. With the introduction of an open and distributed RAN, it is now necessary […]

The Essential Guide for Understanding O-RAN

O-RAN-based radio access networks (RANs) represent the mobile communication industry’s move toward an open, virtualized, and disaggregated architecture. O-RAN revolutionizes how mobile network operators (MNOs) can build RANs by breaking down the traditional hardware-centric RAN into building blocks and connecting them with open and standardized interfaces. In this new world, you must perform testing to […]

Next-generation WDM technologies offer choices to meet rising bandwidth demands

Transition to the cloud, smart city development, spreading deployment of the internet of things and the advent of 5G are converging on service providers and multiservice operators (MSOs) in a perfect storm. According to recent research, the world spent a combined 1.25 billion years online in 2020 alone. With 40 percent of the global population […]

eBook: How to Enable More Voice and Data Connections Everywhere

The need for connecting people, places, and things in rural geographies translates into significant opportunities for MNOs; opportunities to quickly enter new markets and address government regulatory pressures. Download this eBook to explore topics such as: Opportunities for Mobile Network Operators 3 Mobile Backhaul Technology Options 4 Challenges of Terrestrial Backhaul for Rural Areas The […]

Frost & Sullivan: OSS/BSS Transformation Leadership

CSPs often struggle with IT modernization projects due to a lack of internal skills related to product integration, testing, and upgrades. The inability to upgrade legacy OSS and BSS systems with ease contributes to prolonged implementation cycles, instigating major impediments for OSS and BSS transformation. Red Hat OpenShift is an integrated platform that includes more […]

Cloud Native Development Portfolio: Architectural Blueprint

Taking full advantage of the cloud computing model delivers well-recognized business value. As public, private, and hybrid clouds become increasingly prevalent, cloud-native application development is a means to quickly take advantage of the benefits these modern, dynamic environments make possible. This blueprint, based on actual implementations, reveals the basic outlines for designing and implementing a […]

The future of cloud native app delivery is here: What you should know

Cloud-native application development offers a way to meet the rising demand for innovation solutions. Red Hat® Marketplace features automated deployment, simplified governance, and a single dashboard across clouds for both open source and proprietary software, meaning that organizations can respond to change with speed, resiliency, and agility. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about: • What the […]

6 considerations for choosing the right Kubernetes platform

With an integrated Kubernetes platform that comes ready to build and manage applications, you can gain efficiencies quickly without having to create a system from scratch. Opt for an innovative, enterprise-ready solution with thousands of successful use cases in production. In this checklist, get 6 considerations for choosing a Kubernetes platform that will help you: […]

The 3 pillars of the world-class hybrid-cloud service provider

The move to the cloud allows telecommunication service providers to expand and scale connectivity – connecting everything (applications) and everyone (end users). But capturing the value from Cloud is not trivial and requires a shift in the way CSPs run their IT operations. With Amdocs Cloud Managed Services: Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), Cloud Admin […]

Interference Hunting Handbook

Identifying and correcting interference issues in a mobile environment is a challenging but critical task. Mobile users near the interference source will experience degraded call success rates, increased dropped calls, decreased battery life, poor voice quality, and reduced data throughput. Detecting, locating, and ultimately eliminating sources of RF interference is an essential strategy for service […]

Unlocking the Potential of Remote MACPHY

With more and more aspects of our daily lives moving online, bandwidth consumption is skyrocketing—and this growth is only expected to continue. This is putting a tremendous strain on cable operators’ networks, and traditional I-CCAP architectures may not be up to the challenge. Download this white paper and explore how a new approach to distributed […]

What makes a 5G Leader?

With 5G a still nascent technology, opportunity remains for businesses to accelerate adoption of this next generation connectivity solution and gain a competitive edge over their peers. Knowing what it takes to become a 5G Leader is the first step in the journey to a faster, more efficient and better-connected digital future. Fortunately, our research […]

The 5G opportunity within UK industry

Our research shows that two thirds of organisations expect to have made significant investment in 5G technology over the next two years. But which sectors are pioneering in the adoption of next generation connectivity? And which are fast followers looking to learn from those blazing a trail before making more informed investments? For answers to […]

5G for the enterprise

With a desire to better understand the current, on-the-ground reality for enterprises and organisations in the UK 5G ecosystem, we interviewed over 200 IT leaders across large UK businesses and the Public Sector to discover more about the nation’s current attitudes to this next generation connectivity. The findings allowed us to better understand the make-up […]

5G Network Deployment Handbook

As 5G moves from the lab to the field, field engineers, technicians and installers are grappling with the many challenges of ensuring a successful deployment. Validating 5G in the lab is one thing, but scaling it to the field requires robust, efficient, and scalable 5G test and verification solutions. VIAVI is pleased to offer an […]

Kubernetes Patterns: Reusable Elements for Designing Cloud-Native Applications (an O’Reilly eBook)

Recommended as one of “6 must-read books for aspiring Cloud Architects,” O’Reilly provides detailed, reusable Kubernetes patterns for container deployment and orchestration. Learn specific Kubernetes patterns for cloud-native and rapid application development. Learn everything Kubernetes offers for each particular pattern, with tested conclusions for each concept and full code examples. Topics include: The path to […]

Telecommunications Company Saves €30,000 Monthly with Container NFV Solution

Proximus Group, Belgium’s largest telecommunications provider, replaced its bare-metal server environment with flexible, scalable network functions virtualization (NFV) infrastructure running on Red Hat OpenStack Platform, supported by Red Hat Ceph Storage. This more modern foundation, which also includes running Red Hat OpenShift in OpenStack to deploy and run container-based microservices at scale, helps Proximus save […]

Rakuten: No Ordinary Telco

Rakuten Group, a Japanese internet services company, has been dubbed “the Amazon of Japan.” It offers a huge range of services from banking and credit cards to ecommerce, travel and video entertainment. In this report, TM Forum analysts assess Rakuten as a whole, its businesses, culture and partner ecosystem, and focus on how they are […]

3 Key Considerations for Virtual Radio Access Network Growth

With the rollout of 5G, digital service providers have an opportunity to create new revenue streams. By virtualizing your radio access network (RAN), you can quickly scale software-based network functions, increase network capacity, improve performance, and reduce operational complexity. In this infographic, learn 5 tips for creating a flexible and scalable RAN that is ready […]

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