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The Complex Relationship between Consumers and Cybersecurity and How it Can Impact Telco Revenues

The need for constant connectivity – further accelerated by the pandemic – has increasingly opened opportunities for cybercriminals to infiltrate and exploit vulnerabilities in devices and in consumer habits. As the industry continues to undergo a digital transformation based on cloudification and virtualisation of services, there are also greater risks of misconfiguration of data storage […]

Opening Up IoT Opportunities For Carriers

The complexity of the Internet of Things (IoT) and high expectations for smart home deployments pose technology challenges that Aqara, a global leader in smart home solutions, has embraced for more than a decade. The company has undertaken key initiatives to increase interoperability across IoT devices and promote global smart home adoptions. Strategic partnerships between […]

Unlocking B2B revenue growth with Net5.5G

Ken Wieland, Light Reading contributing editor Carriers looking for new revenue streams in the future can’t rely on old technologies from the past. Achieving better returns on network investment will require a new, simplified and automated architecture capable of supporting much higher bandwidth. Carriers’ data center interconnect networks (DCNs), to support the migration of enterprise […]

Omdia Releases the FTTR’s Role in Optimizing the Future Connected Home White Paper

Recently, the 8th Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF) was held in Thailand. At this forum, Omdia released the FTTR’s Role in Optimizing the Future Connected Home white paper, which describes the next generation in fiber to the room (FTTR) solutions. FTTR provides the ultimate high-quality broadband experience, meeting the increasing demands on the home network from new […]

Digitalization is the First Choice for Indoor 5G Networks

5G’s rich capabilities mean it must be built out in a way that suits both the demands of the environment and the needs of the users. A one size fits all approach does not apply. This is where Huawei’s innovative LampSite range of indoor wireless equipment comes in. As the name suggests, it specializes in […]

How operators can capture the value of IoT

As operators weight up new revenue opportunities, they should consider the value they can add, and market share they can capture as part of the IoT solution tack. As the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem continues to evolve and grow with 5G and edge computing expansions, forecasts see the IoT market size reach $2,465bn by […]

5G Cloud Native Video

5G’s new capabilities, including faster speeds and greater immediacy through lower latency are an opportunity for service providers to deliver more value to their customers. 5G cloud-native and container-based networks are best suited to deliver on these new capabilities, having the ability to massively scale to meet demand and to launch new services quickly to […]

4 Benefits of Using Red Hat Solutions on Microsoft Azure

Building and scaling applications across hybrid cloud environments can help organizations go to market faster and focus on innovation. Red Hat and Microsoft offer flexible, open hybrid cloud solutions that help organizations change the way they build, deploy, and manage applications so they can innovate faster, accelerate time-to-value, respond to changing customer needs, and operate […]

4 Benefits of Using Red Hat Solutions on AWS

Organizations need to develop and deploy applications quickly, flexibly, and reliably to keep pace with rapidly changing business needs. Red Hat and Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help organizations change the way they build, deploy, and manage applications with optimized hybrid cloud environments so they can innovate faster and operate more efficiently. This executive checklist […]

VR entertainment center as the bridge to 5G metaverse

Players in the first-generation VR entertainment center are usually playing in the local place and put on a custom headset connected to a backpack through a wire, weighing around 4kg. They complain about the low flexibility and hope more people play together at any time, even don’t at the same Center. Is 5G a tool […]

Reaping the full potential of 5G

Open, virtualized and cloud RAN are all examples of how edge computing can extend the efficiency and flexibility of a cloud-native approach to the RAN. Within this report, you will read how the industry views vendor diversification, ease of introducing new innovative solutions, and cost efficiency as the main benefits for telcos deploying Open RAN. […]

Telco, media and entertainment, and training and certification

Service providers are at an inflection point. To stay ahead of the competition, they must move to a cloud-native core architecture on open source platforms that let them innovate quickly and bring new services to market with superior scalability, security, and efficiency.  For most operators, this migration is a significant architectural shift, and they find […]

Building flexible infrastructure for 5G success

5G represents upgrades in bandwidth and latency that enable services not possible under previous generations of networks. These new services will open new business opportunities for service providers but will require a significant network transformation characterized by a distributed, cloud-native, disaggregated, and open infrastructure that spans their entire network. Red Hat can help service providers […]

Smart factory of Hotel Star sets an example of digital transformation for SMEs

Recently, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the cost of labor and raw materials has been rising, and the traditional manufacturing industry is facing increasing challenges. If enterprises want to have a foothold in the market and achieve sustainable development, they must take effective measures to improve product competitiveness. Therefore, digital transformation has […]

5GC Private Network 2.0 Empowerment and Efficiency Improvement Boosts High-Quality Development of the Industry

Zhang Fan, ZTE 5G Core Network Architect Ye Jianyang, Chief Engineer of ZTE Private Network Product Planning At present, speeding up the construction of new infrastructure and industrial digitalization has become an important strategic development direction of China. As a typical representative of information infrastructure, 5G has been deployed for large-scale commercial use in the […]

1Gbps Every Room will help AIS Deliver Premium Digital Life Experiences to Users

During the Green All-Optical Network Summit of the 8th Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF) 2022, Thanit Chaiyaboonthanit, Acting MD-FBB of AIS, delivered a speech titled “Exploring a New Blue Ocean of Home Broadband to Deliver Premium Digital Life Experience”. In the speech, he pointed out the future-oriented evolution directions of home networks: higher bandwidth, more connections, and […]

Saudi Arabia STC and Huawei Complete the First Global 1.2T/Channel Trial in DWDM Optical Network

[Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, September 20, 2022] Recently, Saudi Telecom Company (STC), a well-known operator in Saudi Arabia, announced that it completed the First Global 1.2T/channel trial in its DWDM optical network with Huawei, fully reflecting STC’s leading advantages in the ultra-high-speed transmission field and verifying the 1.2T/channel transmission capability on the STC live network. In […]

Singapore holds lead position in Omdia Fiber Development Index

LONDON, 2 October, 2022: Singapore has again emerged as leader in Omdia’s Global Fiber Development 2022 Index, with maximum scores in seven of the nine metrics. It is closely followed by South Korea, China, the UAE, Qatar, and Japan. All territories in the leading cluster benefit from strong national broadband plans with ambitious targets around […]

PON Evolution Path

With its shared point-to-multipoint network architecture, and the advantages brought by the passive infrastructure, PON technology is the primary FTTx solution for network operators. At present, there are more than 700 million users worldwide enjoying high-speed broadband access services delivered over PON networks. Due to the effectively infinite bandwidth of optical fiber and long reach, […]

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