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Huawei: F5.5G innovation can turbo-boost fiber

If carriers are to generate new revenue streams, they’ll need technology innovation. In fixed-line networks that means pushing the boundaries of fiber performance, all the way from the data center to the optical network terminal/optical network unit (ONT/ONU). The fixed network industry has already laid the foundations for fiber innovation, setting out guidance for unified […]

Omdia Releases the FTTR’s Role in Optimizing the Future Connected Home White Paper

Recently, the 8th Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF) was held in Thailand. At this forum, Omdia released the FTTR’s Role in Optimizing the Future Connected Home white paper, which describes the next generation in fiber to the room (FTTR) solutions. FTTR provides the ultimate high-quality broadband experience, meeting the increasing demands on the home network from new […]

Digitalization is the First Choice for Indoor 5G Networks

5G’s rich capabilities mean it must be built out in a way that suits both the demands of the environment and the needs of the users. A one size fits all approach does not apply. This is where Huawei’s innovative LampSite range of indoor wireless equipment comes in. As the name suggests, it specializes in […]

VR entertainment center as the bridge to 5G metaverse

Players in the first-generation VR entertainment center are usually playing in the local place and put on a custom headset connected to a backpack through a wire, weighing around 4kg. They complain about the low flexibility and hope more people play together at any time, even don’t at the same Center. Is 5G a tool […]

Smart factory of Hotel Star sets an example of digital transformation for SMEs

Recently, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the cost of labor and raw materials has been rising, and the traditional manufacturing industry is facing increasing challenges. If enterprises want to have a foothold in the market and achieve sustainable development, they must take effective measures to improve product competitiveness. Therefore, digital transformation has […]

5GC Private Network 2.0 Empowerment and Efficiency Improvement Boosts High-Quality Development of the Industry

Zhang Fan, ZTE 5G Core Network Architect Ye Jianyang, Chief Engineer of ZTE Private Network Product Planning At present, speeding up the construction of new infrastructure and industrial digitalization has become an important strategic development direction of China. As a typical representative of information infrastructure, 5G has been deployed for large-scale commercial use in the […]

1Gbps Every Room will help AIS Deliver Premium Digital Life Experiences to Users

During the Green All-Optical Network Summit of the 8th Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF) 2022, Thanit Chaiyaboonthanit, Acting MD-FBB of AIS, delivered a speech titled “Exploring a New Blue Ocean of Home Broadband to Deliver Premium Digital Life Experience”. In the speech, he pointed out the future-oriented evolution directions of home networks: higher bandwidth, more connections, and […]

Improving enterprise customer experience through intelligent digital transformation

Most CSPs understand the importance of vertical industries, and the enterprise segment more broadly, for a successful 5G return on investment. But how are CSPs’ existing systems and assets fairing in terms of providing zero-touch enhanced CX to newfound customer segments? A recent survey by found out that more than three in five industry […]

Bringing New Digital Life to Mobile Money

Driven by smartphone popularity and new technologies (i.e., AI, IoT, Big Data, etc.), mobile financial services (MFS) are expanding beyond basic eWallet to encompass ecosystem payments and microfinance. The market size will reach $60 billion by 2025. Mobile Financial Services are expanding much faster in recent years. According to GSMA data, the industry took 10 […]

Why 50G PON should be your next PON upgrade

As fiber broadband providers weigh their next steps after deploying 10G PON, they should look at upgrading all the way to 50G PON rather than just moving up to 25G PON. With customer demand for broadband bandwidth now growing at the astounding rate of 25% a year and doubling every three or four years, service […]

From network planning to monetisation by cell: the critical role of Smart CAPEX

What would make a mobile operator jitter the most when it decides to roll out 5G services? In all likelihood it would be the cost. When answering a recent industry survey on 5G, 60% of all the respondents cited gear and deployment cost as the biggest impediment to 5G rollout. Something worth noting is […]

How Telco Network Operations Leaders Can Help Implement and Manage Change around 5G

Upfront deployment of 5G analytics is essential to the operational and cultural transformation that 5G migration requires. And that requires buy-in from the top down. By Kevin Keschinger By now, network operators have realized that 5G architectures are complex and fundamentally different from those of previous mobile generations. As such, 5G requires traditional telecom companies […]

5G and LoRaWAN® – Connecting the Next Billion IoT Devices

By Rémi Lorrain, Director of LoRaWAN Networks at Semtech Although the Internet of Things (IoT) is being widely adopted by many industries, the issue of which connectivity technology to rely on remains a hot one. With no single IoT network offering comprehensive coverage and meeting all needs, potential users are left to pick and choose […]

Intelligent IP Network Based On SRv6 Accelerate 5G Success

This Vendor View is sponsored by Huawei With the explosive mobile data traffic growth, massive device connections, and emerging new services and application scenarios in the future, revolutionary service experience and new business application models is required, 5G poses diversified requirements on basic transport networks, transport network need to be upgraded in time. Therefore, carriers’ […]

Are big Internet events getting you in trouble? Flow Analytics to the rescue!

This Vendor View is sponsored by Benocs Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever done a great job on something, only to be blind-sided with blame when something unexpected or out of your control goes wrong? Then perhaps you could relate to this story. As a part of their job, Network Engineers are […]

How to translate IoT potential into real business

This Vendor View is sponsored by BICS The concept of connected things has been with us since at least the 1980s, and the term Internet of Things (IoT) was invented at the turn of the century. However, it was only with recent advancements in communications technologies that IoT started to catch the imagination of the […]

Swivel to Success, or Swivel Chair?

This Vendor View is sponsored by Incognito Software Systems Inc. How service activation and fulfilment can make or break your telco merger and acquisition ROI Communication service providers (CSPs) have been pursuing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) for a long time, but they’re now becoming more popular to keep up with new technology. They are prioritizing […]

Transforming your OSS BSS – new options for new realities

This Vendor View is sponsored by Red Hat The last 18 months have certainly been a challenge, thanks to the global pandemic, requiring extraordinary resilience in adapting to a “new normal.” While we must never forget the role healthcare workers, scientists and leaders played in keeping us safe, we certainly need to recognize the communications […]

How stc helped Saudi Arabia become the Middle East’s new digital hub

The world has changed in a very short space of time with the global pandemic altering the way in which we think, behave and interact. Restrictions around the world have meant that now, more than ever, people have been relying on technology in their everyday life. Thanks to lockdowns and social distancing, demand for mobile […]

What MNOs need to achieve revenue optimisation and operational excellence

In this interview, Matteo Gatta, CEO of BICS, talks about the company’s strategy to address mobile network operators’ needs on revenue optimisation, operational excellence, customer experience, and risk reduction, and why MNOs should work with BICS. Q1. What do you see as the main issues and challenges currently impacting mobile operators? What do they need […]

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