Microsoft purges itself of remaining Nokia execs

The last vestiges of what was once the world’s dominant handset vendor have been swept away in a Microsoft management reshuffle that saw Stephen Elop and Jo Harlow leave the company.

Nokia posts $97.5m loss for Q3

Nokia has posted a $97.5m (€71m) operating loss for the third quarter of 2011, compared with the €403m the firm recorded in the same period of 2010. Nokia’s net sales decreased 13 per cent to €8,980m, €1290m down from the €10,270 it amassed in the same period last year. Net sales of smart devices decreased 39 per cent to €2,206m and net sales of mobile phones decreased 14 per cent to €2,903m. Net sales of the total devices and services business decreased 25 per cent to €5,392 million from €7,173m in 3Q10.