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The Complex Relationship between Consumers and Cybersecurity and How it Can Impact Telco Revenues

The need for constant connectivity – further accelerated by the pandemic – has increasingly opened opportunities for cybercriminals to infiltrate and exploit vulnerabilities in devices and in consumer habits. As the industry continues to undergo a digital transformation based on cloudification and virtualisation of services, there are also greater risks of misconfiguration of data storage […]

Mobile Cloud Gaming Report

The Mobile cloud gaming report looks deeper into the fast-growing mobile cloud gaming industry, its relevance for 5G network slicing, and how to monetize. Slicing adds additional performance control to guarantee the user experience, which is desired by many gamers, and thus will enable premium offerings to gamers. Explore the report to learn more about: […]

A Giant Leap for 5G – An Executive Briefing (for everyone!)

A short eBook, outlining the promise of 5G, balanced against the complexity of changes that are happening across the globe in RAN wireless infrastructure. It’s aimed at everyone working in the industry to give a simple overview of the steps that can be taken to achieve a giant leap for 5G. In other words, trouble-free […]

How telcos can create value with multi-faceted automation

Telecom operators are striving for growth, which could materialise in growing top line as well as improving efficiency. Automation is at the centre of these efforts if they are to succeed. With the right data and the right tools, automation can go far beyond network operation to help shore up telco performance in multiple dimensions, […]

Pre-empting danger with lawful and smart intelligence solutions

Law enforcement needs timely, data-oriented intelligence to stay ahead of threats to society. Where telecom operators and other communication service providers are legally bound to enable lawful interception and monitoring, smart and effective solutions that can support both the law enforcement agencies and the service providers to fulfil their security responsibilities are critical. The billion-dollar […]

Wi-Fi is Ubiquitous and Should Get Smarter

Wi-Fi will remain the dominant mode of connectivity in the home environment, but the current device-centric networks have much to improve on. This Telecoms.com whitepaper, sponsored by devolo, discusses how broadband operators and ISPs can go beyond the role of mere connectivity provider and create more values for their customers and themselves by embracing the […]

How Service Providers Leverage AIOps to Increase Profits

For them to regain the competitiveness in the communications market, telecom operators first need to have complete and instant visibility into what is happening in their networks. Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, or AIOps, can play a valuable role for operators by both providing thorough data visibility and delivering actionable intelligence in real time. This […]

How to Achieve Transformative Revenue Growth Using “Location Intelligence”

Broadband networks are being rolled out, “lighting up” new locations and new buildings. However, network providers cannot simply build out connectivity everywhere and hope growth will be sparked. The telecom industry needs professional location intelligence to unveil hidden revenue opportunities, and to improve sales and marketing teams’ win rates. This whitepaper will introduce what Location […]

Cross-spectrum Protection | A Whitepaper for Network Operators

The rise of the Internet of Things means that the majority of people (83%) use their mobile devices to go online. 89% of these users connect to the internet via a mobile device every day. However, their security is severely lacking in almost all aspects. As advanced as their connectivity is, mobile users rarely know […]

Timing & Synchronization Standards for Wireless Networks

Synchronization networks have been critical components of wireless networks for many years. Introduction of advanced LTE services and 5G services poses new requirements for synchronization networks. This white paper describes synchronization requirements, technologies, as well as, synchronization standards and test and measurement applications. The paper closes with a description of ITU G.826x/G.827x standards for synchronization […]

Reimagining Telecommunications With Blockchains – From Concept to Reality

Most communications service providers (CSPs) are in the midst of large digital transformation programs in response to the disruptions plaguing them. Adding blockchain to this equation offers potential to both rationalize a CSP’s current operations and develop new blockchain-based services. As demands for transparency and trust continue, a robust blockchain foundation can be the springboard […]

Over 700 Telecom CxOs Have Spoken: Incumbents Strike Back

The signals are utterly bewildering. As digital technologies transform the world, established telecom operators are adapting. Yet collaborative systems are also flourishing, and even in industries where the competition is shrinking, there’s still plenty of creativity. Little wonder top executives are puzzled. Over 700 telecom CxOs have spoken: Find out how successful telcos are deploying […]

Keep Your Kids Safe Online with Advanced Parental Controls

The online safety of children is a growing concern for parents. They have given rise to many software solutions parents can install on their children’s devices. While these tools provide content filtering, a savvy teen can easily bypass the system with the use of proxy sites. Most parental controls solutions offer protection only at home, leaving mobile devices unprotected when out of the home. Router-based parental control solutions fall short when kids turn off WiFi.

Unlocking the True Potential of Mobile Edge Computing in Mobile Networks

Despite the extensive interest in MEC, widespread deployment faces major hurdles as previously available MEC solutions implement proprietary non-3GPP standard solutions in order to maintain compatibility with security, legal intercept, charging, paging. These solutions require deep changes in operator network architecture, which is challenging for operators and are yet unable to provide highly secure and […]

DNS Threat Intelligence vs. AI Network Security

Domain Name System (DNS) is a protocol dictating how computers exchange data on the Internet. It turns a user-friendly domain name into an IP address that computers use to identify each other. DNS protocol is unencrypted by default. Most security vendors still heavily rely on signature-based detection, such as DNS firewalls and DNS blacklisting. It […]

Building the Next-Generation Network

In an age where change is the only constant, traditional methods only breed traditional results. Innovation, transformation and customer engagement are more than mere buzzwords; they are the key to a business’s survival and competitive edge. Delivering a quality product to the right audience in real time is the new imperative. Traditional technology is no […]

Connections Are Limitless, the Network Is Not

Consumers are ravenous for “all-you-can-eat” unlimited data plans. Communications service providers challenged by unrelenting customer demand for more capacity now must feed the need, and quickly. But expanding the network in the traditional way is unrealistic. That requires substantial funding and years to complete ‒ time the current network does not have. Click here to […]

What is a Living Network?

By 2020, Internet traffic will increase tenfold.  With demands on the network growing so profoundly, how can a CTO or CNO respond?  A new type of network is needed: one that is not static and inert, but, instead, learns, adapts and improves over time. That is a living network. Discover more in the WIRED Brand […]

Home Network Security for Network Operators

The lack of security is a massive risk for home users, but it is also a tremendous opportunity for network operators. They are in a unique position: They already have the hardware (broadband routers) deployed across millions of homes and can provide the necessary security for home users. Network operators can deploy AI solutions to control home automation, collect valuable insights and implement new business models.

Satellite Backhaul: Future-Proofing the Customer Experience

With data demand increasing dramatically through the rise in popularity of connected devices, global mobile revenues are predicted to reach $1,200 trillion by 2020. Mobile network operators will gain a competitive advantage through a strategic focus on Quality of Service (QoS) and by extending reach, especially in rural and remote areas. This paper covers the […]

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