Nokia, Intel to unleash WiMAX devices in 2008

WiMAX-enabled devices will be coming to town next year, according to a pact made between chip giant Intel and Nokia/Nokia Siemens Networks on Wednesday.

The trio announced that they are testing interoperability across Intel’s forthcoming WiMAX silicon for laptops and mobile devices, Nokia WiMAX devices and NSN network kit.

Nokia is to use Intel’s WiMAX chipset, codenamed “Baxter Peak”, in its forthcoming Nseries internet tablets. The tablets are expected to ship in 2008, the company said.

Nokia Nseries internet tablets are based on the open source Linux operating system also favoured by Intel, and feature a Mozilla based browser, email functions and support for applications such as Skype and Rhapsody.

Nokia tablet devices are due to ship to US carrier Sprint next year for use on its Xohm WiMAX network.

“WiMAX enables the mobile internet and makes it possible to get content on a variety of new mobile devices at broadband speed, and our Baxter Peak solution is designed specifically for these exciting new devices,” said Raviv Melamed, general manager of Intel’s Mobile Wireless Group. “Intel, Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks all recognize our collective responsibility in ensuring that people can take full advantage of WiMAX. Simply put, the infrastructure behind the networks and the devices that access those networks must work together seamlessly.”

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