Android comes to WiMAX

Google-backed mobile operating system Android has been given a boost in the mobile WiMAX space due to a partnership between D2 Technologies, Beceem Communications and ECS.

The joint initiative will look at the deployment of the Android operating system on smartphones delivering VoIP over WiMAX and other IP-based communications capabilities.

D2 provided its mCUE converged communications client paired with Beceem’s high performance BCSM250 WiMAX modem and deployed on WiMAX-enabled smartphones and MIDs such as the ECS T371.

In early November, D2 and Beceem completed what they claim to be the world’s first mobile VoIP calls over WiMAX on Android using the Zoom OMAP34x-II mobile development platform (MDP) and a Beceem BSCM250 WiMAX modem with D2’s kernel-level embedded voice engine.

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