SK Telecom and China Mobile to collaborate on mobile gaming

Korea’s SK Telecom and China Mobile have announced plans to collaborate on developing content for mobile gaming, as well as co-operation on R&D for wired and wireless technologies. The announcement follows the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the two telcos last week, in which they agreed to jointly develop next generation technologies for their respective markets.

Under the MOU, SK Telecom and its Chinese counterpart agreed to collaborate on networking, device platforms, machine-to-machine and mobile internet applications. The pair are aiming to offer high-quality, high-specification games to the Chinese smartphone market, where low-spec offerings focused on feature phones currently predominate. Under the agreement, games that SK Telecom usually offers on its application portal T Store will be modified for the Chinese market and vice versa. T-Store in South Korea supports content for Android, W7, Symbian and Linux; games sold in China will be Android-based and offered through SK Telecom’s Chinese subsidiary Viatech.

According to SK Telecom, it plans to provide “diverse M2M technology-based sensing networks as well as U-GW (Universal Gateway), which connects broadband and mobile telecommunications” to China Mobile’s Jiangsu gaming division. Plans are also in place to offer “more advanced services based on these networks.”

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