Last month’s launch of the Google-based Android platform stirred up considerable hype, but not enough to unseat the iPhone from its position as hippest mobile device.

According to figures released by web analytics firm WebTrends this week, the excitement surrounding Android, and the first phone to use it, the G1, seems to have levelled off.

Using figures from ten major brands across all industry sectors, WebTrends says that on average .04 per cent of all web traffic is arriving at the websites in the US through Android compared to .01 per cent for UK sites. By comparison, the same brands can attribute .70 per cent of their traffic to individuals accessing their websites from an iPhone in the US and .41 per cent in the UK, while BlackBerry figures stand at .38 per cent in the US and .30 per cent in the UK.

Christian Howes, digital solutions architect at WebTrends, said: “Android uptake thus far is comparable to that which the iPhone achieved during the early stages of its launch, so although Android is lagging at the moment Google won’t be too concerned. Don’t forget that it has launched on only one phone and network, and that the Google marketing machine hasn’t fully swung into action. Instead those clever people at Google are letting people like me talk it up in the media, creating a sense of anticipation while they test the water and let developers get to grips with the platform architecture.”