Ericsson scales cliché mountain to announce NFV solution

Ericsson has announced the launch of a comprehensive NFV infrastructure, which it insists is definitely totally interoperable, definitely not proprietary and does all the clever things NFV is famed for.

It calls the full NFVi solution completely ‘verified’, though at no point does Ericsson actually specify by whom the infrastructure is verified. Nonetheless, the Swedish vendor has powered through with its NFV solution which it says is based on a well-defined architecture and completely pre-integrated platform; combining a bucket load of existing Ericsson gear.

The gear involved, which Ericsson says is totally modular and can be dropped in or out as required, includes:

  • Ericsson Hyperscale Data Center System 8000
  • Ericsson Blade Server Platform 8000
  • Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment
  • Ericsson Cloud Manager
  • Ericsson Cloud SDN
  • Additional consulting, system integration and support services

As a side note, the use of ‘Ericsson’ at the start of every product is probably a bit redundant when there’s like five of them in a row, but hey we don’t call the shots.

It is tradition for NFV announcements to be accompanied by a few lines explaining how important it is for operators to interoperate network functions from different vendors to create a bespoke solution – and Ericsson duly obliged, while also simultaneously managing to get 5G and IoT in there too.

It then bagged the NFV hat-trick by also saying that the solution provides increased speed, agility and efficiency in deploying new services. And Swisscom agreed.

“With Ericsson cloud and NFVi… we can introduce new services,” said Swisscom’s Richard Schenk.”

That’s top buzzword exploiting, chaps.

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