Oracle taps into AI buzz to calm security fears

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Oracle has announced a number of updates to its security portfolio focusing on leveraging the buzz surrounding machine learning, artificial intelligence and contextual awareness technologies.

The focus of the attention is around Oracle’s Identity Cloud Service, as well as its CASB Cloud Service which will help support its SaaS solutions with automated threat detection. The whole concept is perfectly in line with other developments in the security segment, albeit a bit later to the party, using artificial intelligence to continuously monitor the expanding perimeter. In theory, a computer can react much more quickly than a human, whilst also adapting defences more efficiently.

“We are making a large investment in providing comprehensive security solutions that can help enterprises adapt, manage and strengthen their security posture against external and internal risks,” said Peter Barker, SVP of  Identity and Security at Oracle.

“Our expertise in data science and machine learning enable Oracle to bring unique, scalable and dependable security services to customers transitioning workloads to the Oracle Cloud or third party clouds.”

Many would argue that artificial intelligence is replacing humans in certain areas, this is one where a human could not even dream of competing. The number of threats to a network is rising so quickly, it is simply impossible.

A prime example is the CASB Cloud Service, which essentially acts as a gatekeeper between on premise infrastructure and a cloud provider’s infrastructure. Using a user behaviour analytics engine, unique historical baselines for each user and cloud service are established, which are constantly monitored for any deviation. A deviation could indicate a threat, the response to which could be a ticket or an automated response.

Sceptics may argue AI is being developed to remove the cost of labour, but this is an example where a human could not possible help. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to achieve the same levels of productivity as the computer for this task.

The announcement is certainly a useful update, which is continuing to try and catch the leaders in the industry who might have caught onto this cloud thing a bit sooner.

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