BT Mobile waiting until later in the year to jump on EE 5G network

UK operator BT, which duplicates the EE network via its own-branded MVNO for some reason, is waiting until the autumn to offer 5G to its subscribers.

Amid great fanfare BT-owned EE formally launched its 5G network at the end of May, but it has taken until July for BT to announce its own move. The only guidance BT is offering its subscribers is that they can expect to have access to the wonders of 5G sometime in the autumn. This implies the launch is likely to slip towards November as otherwise you’d expect a more precise commitment.

“We’re bringing together the best fibre and mobile connections to help keep our customers connected, both on the go and at home,” said CEO of BT’s Consumer division (which includes EE) Marc Allera. “Launching 5G for BT customers will give them the opportunity to experience the fastest mobile speeds in the busiest areas of the UK, and our BT Plus customers will have the first opportunity to sign up for 5G.”

So not all BT subscribers will have access to even this delayed offering, with BT apparently concluding 5G might be an effective carrot to entice its customers to upgrade to a premium service. Alternatively they could just switch to EE, get the same mobile network straight away and save themselves the premium. Intriguingly BT doesn’t seem to be using its new stripped-down logo for this 5G announcement. Perhaps it fears it will put people off.

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