Huawei under threat in Philippines as Globe looks elsewhere

Globe Telecom is looking at the possibility of using network equipment suppliers that do not hail from China amidst rising tensions between Huawei, the US and other Western markets.

The revelation came from the telco’s General Counsel Froilan Castelo, who was responding to questions during during a Senate public services committee hearing earlier this week, according to local press reports.

Losing Globe as a customer would comes as a major blow to Huawei, which supplied 80% of its network infrastructure, with the remaining 20% being delivered by the likes of Ericsson and Nokia, Castelo told the committee, Philippine news outlet the reported.

“Because of developments coming in from the US and Europe, we’re coming up with a strategy for another network which is based on not Chinese telco equipment providers,” Castelo said, in response to direct questions on whether or not Globe’s board has discussed the ongoing use of Chinese vendors and whether it has plans to use more Western equipment.

The story is naturally a real headline-grabber, given developments elsewhere in the world, but its is worth pointing out that Globe does not appear keen to sever its ties with Huawei.

“The most advanced [5G equipment] is still Huawei, and their counterparts are about, our estimate at about 1.5 years away,” Castelo said, indicating that Globe has brokered a deal with the Chinese vendor for 5G, while at the same time assuring the committee that network security is a priority for the telco.

Huawei is doubtless anxious to protect its position with Globe, particularly in light of the fact that the operator has just announced what it describes as its largest network upgrade to date.

On Thursday the telco shared a three-pronged network update plan designed to improve voice and data services for customers on both the fixed and mobile side.

Firstly it has committed to accelerating the build-out of mobile base stations to boost coverage and capacity, aided by a smoother system for obtaining build permits at national and local level. Its second prong is around upgrading all sites to LTE using various frequency bands. Finally, Globe aims to fast-track the rollout of fibre.

Globe said it expects to have completed its upgrades by 2021, but not provide much additional detail. It expects 2020 capex to come in at 50.3 billion pesos (just over US$1 billion), the “majority of which will be spent on its network upgrade initiatives,” it said.

“In heeding the call of the government, we shall endeavour to provide our customers with improved network performance and quality of service,” said Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu, in a canned statement.

The government has been urging Philippine telcos to improve service for some time, and this summer Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte lit a fire under Globe Telecom and incumbent PLDT by threatening to seize their assets if they fail to improve service by the end of the year.

Whether he would make good on that threat is anyone’s guess, but as far as the telcos are concerned, this is not really the time to be looking at changing suppliers or ripping out Chinese equipment, which has to be good news for Huawei.

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  1. Avatar Mario Almada 25/09/2020 @ 8:09 am

    To protect the people of the Philippines its crucial to eliminate Huawei telecommunications to prevent China from having leverage over their country and to prevent Industrial espionage or any kind of spying.That is China’s global ambition world dominance of a totalitarian authoritarian communist elite.They are nothing but a mafia that’s how they operate.

    • Avatar Ronald Martens 26/09/2020 @ 9:58 am

      Stop with the BS american propaganda, Nortel was aware what was happening but they did nothing to stop it.. Fact.

    • Avatar Rock 26/09/2020 @ 1:25 pm

      Huawei can’t be trusted. UK, USA,AUSTRALIA,CANADA , to name a few knew that the Chinese spies thru huawei

    • Avatar Lenra 27/09/2020 @ 12:00 am

      American people mga hepokrito, you love amaerica loool way natabang sa Pinas, gelad ramo nila threat2 daw padala pod ka buggggo ingna lang gud nga di sila kaapas sa competition sa Chine

    • Avatar biubiu 25/11/2020 @ 3:20 am

      Please tell me, what are the products you eat, wear and use that are not Chinese? Your mobile phones are all made in China, right?

  2. Avatar Mario Almada 25/09/2020 @ 8:12 am

    Honestly can trust Huawei.They stole this technology from Canada.Amazing how that happens alot stealing intellectual property in order to advance to the future.

    • Avatar CLOVER 25/09/2020 @ 10:28 pm

      To be fair, Canada got nothing to steal, US maybe. Even US still doesn’t have 5G yet.

    • Avatar Robert Y 26/09/2020 @ 12:17 am

      Huawei has the world’s most patents in 2018 and 2019, if they were stealing intellectual properties, why does China have the most patents, the most important ingredient to advance in technology is money(which china has plenty of), last year they outspent apple(us$1.6 billion) in 5G, China (us$2.2 billion) with vast amounts of money anything can be achieved, u. s is 1.5 years away from 5G development, question is (HOW CAN ANYONE STEAL SOMETHING THE U. S. DONT HAVE YET) LAUGHABLE ACCUSATIONS ??

    • Avatar Ezer 26/09/2020 @ 9:41 am

      Why reward a thief?

    • Avatar Ronald Martens 26/09/2020 @ 9:41 am

      Stop with the US and it’s BS propaganda

  3. Avatar T. Lopez 25/09/2020 @ 11:05 am

    GLOBE needs to provide a DECENT 4G national coverage before thinking of 5G.
    Forget huawei just work on a good 4G. It’s atrocious what globe provides

  4. Avatar Crocodile.dondii 25/09/2020 @ 11:11 am

    Kudos to Duterte for his initiatives on getting Philippines telcos to improve service. Once you get away from major centre’s in Phil, service is universally tragic – many areas suffering under 10 mb/s or 20 mb/s and spotty & erratic service.

    Once you get away from Manila, Cebu, and Davao, “service” and their attention to customer support is pathetic. You can’t even get an answer to a phone call, you wait like 30 minutes or more for nothing.

  5. Avatar Rey Cristobal 25/09/2020 @ 11:17 am

    I really wish Globe would push thru with their plan of using network equipment not coming from China. The CCP government is the top offender when it comes to theft of intellectual property. They just stole the technology from the US and other countries and develop them as their owm.

  6. Avatar Michael 25/09/2020 @ 11:36 am

    But the west has always been stealing Peeples and countries intellectual property. It’s just foul play

  7. Avatar Rey Espiritu 25/09/2020 @ 2:25 pm

    It’s the other way around since even Globe admitted that Huawei is ahead of everybody in 5G technology. US will strong arm any nation to stop Huawei from being the dominant player in this very important technology.

  8. Avatar mr howard n sun 25/09/2020 @ 3:13 pm

    Everyone “steals”. USA, UK etc. The western dominated MSM just makes it seem that their created narrative is FACT. No its just looks that way….pure fabrication. What drives this vendetta is FEAR of losing their hegemony on the world. The tactics they use is right out of the Nazi playbook. It will fail.

  9. Avatar Hon-Chau Wong 25/09/2020 @ 7:28 pm

    Canada had never developed 5G technology on its own without Hwawai. How can people imagine a more advanced one steal something from almost nothing.
    Hwawai had invested in Canada to work on 5G, any patent from that branch should belong to Hwawai.
    Anybody or country claims unsafety of Hwawai product is reponsible to present evidence to substain the claim. If no proof then he or she is lying.

  10. Avatar gil 25/09/2020 @ 7:35 pm


  11. Avatar CLOVER 25/09/2020 @ 10:34 pm

    We are notorious in identity compromising is the US. Trump is making it worse. Philippine is better of using Huawei 5G instead of waiting for another 2 years or 3 years. When we get our 5G, Huawei probably already come out with 6G.

  12. Avatar happiman 25/09/2020 @ 10:48 pm

    For the goodness of global justice and fair trade in business, China should be divided into many smaller states and treat them exactly the same way they treat their own people.

    “New evidence has come to light exposing the draconian tactics Chinese authorities are using to persecute Uighur Muslims, including forced abortions, birth control, and sterilization.”

  13. Avatar Mohamed 25/09/2020 @ 11:52 pm

    I think the future of the world is Linked to China ?? so I would suggest that Philippines ?? should stick to Huawei too, by the way which country doesn’t spy Do you think that Ericsson and Nokia doesn’t do these kind of things ofcourse they too are the same. And by the way the Americans came up with this slogan that Huawei was a security risk but they never came up with any proof, Don’t you think that if the Americans had any proof of Huawei snooping they would have been shouting there heads of with the proof but it’s just a another way to keep the balance of power in their favour nothing else, so be realistic just like they where saying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq ?? and what did they got from there NOTHING So stop believing there misleading propaganda about China ?? and Huawei

    • Avatar happiman 26/09/2020 @ 1:03 am

      Please believe whatever you want. However, just remember a simple fact.

      Evil will be perished

      • Avatar Lars H 26/09/2020 @ 4:35 am

        I agree with you happiman and we are still allowed to criticize Huawei but if we do that inside China, the evil empire we will disappear.

        Globe has terrible service, but so does their competitor SMART. Best would be to admit foreign operators and break up the duopoly and oligarchy that reigns now.

        Google “The Spectre of Communism” a free TV-serie about China’s and Communism atrocities.

      • Avatar Jamie 26/09/2020 @ 4:39 am

        It’s amazing how propaganda people don’t you have a brain… If it’s about treating people like trash… America
        Would score a 9 while China wou
        would get a 5..America is the mother of all evils.. Now they pointing fingers to Chinese now that Chinese have started to rise.. They trying to extinguish them.. Like they alway do.. If you can see that.. You ain’t using that brain

      • Avatar Co2 26/09/2020 @ 6:07 am

        hi, may I ask who are you sugessting as the Evil one? Just take a look back at the Philippines history. Sino jan ang sumakop o naka sakop sa ating kalupain just for their own profit greediness. And who are at peace. I rest my case. Thank You.

      • Avatar Iann 26/09/2020 @ 12:33 pm

        Evil is America. 243 year history and only 16 years not engaged in war. Since Ww2 it has invaded and gone to war with 35 countries. America is the biggest instigator of Evil in the world.

    • Avatar Co2 26/09/2020 @ 6:16 am

      Correct. I agree. Name a country who does not spy. Which countries does not create an agency to protect thier interest and wealth. Sick of people trying to say as if they know everything but the only thing comming out of thier mounth is just contributing to racial divisiveness. So, is Huawei the only tech leader that has threat to each one of use. What about the other tech giants? I assume you think they are as nice as your dog in the house. Think before your mouth will put us into racial war against each other. I cant believed why in this 21st century, we are still not talking about us Humans as 1. Yeah, its all because of the bias thinking with a bias mouth i guess.

    • Avatar Raymond 26/09/2020 @ 9:20 am

      I agree with you ?%. Because certain “great” country’s leader tries to oppress China, some countries blindly follow the sick tread. Listen, Countris of the World, do not follow the Peter’s Pipe. Be yourself. China has never and will not spy on anyone. What for?

    • Avatar cezar silva 26/09/2020 @ 10:17 am

      They are bloody comunists dictators. Killing muslim , christians and anybody who is not comunist. China hands off Philippines.

    • Avatar Young 26/09/2020 @ 2:03 pm

      ?,remember Huawei gives you better tech, lower cost equipment, reliable service and especially a network free of control by CIA.

    • Avatar Just Me 27/09/2020 @ 2:12 am

      Really? Life is good in china? Go and live there for good just for the sake of their cheap technology.

  14. Avatar Saajid Ali 26/09/2020 @ 5:02 am

    I pray to Allah may guide my beloved country Philippines to stick with Huwei.

  15. Avatar Iii 26/09/2020 @ 6:15 am

    ORAN is the future and doesn’t require hitching your wagon to any one company or country.

  16. Avatar Almasir Anni 26/09/2020 @ 6:26 am

    What will happen to our Globe wifi’s ? Will globe still continue to render services without Huawei ?

  17. Avatar Joli 26/09/2020 @ 7:46 am

    Glove never do business with Huawei. Do business with countries or companies who promotes democratic system and not suppresed it.

  18. Avatar Ricardo Brillantes 26/09/2020 @ 7:59 am

    It is better and for future of telco to source their equipment for upgrade and even smartphone from countries other than China. Majority of the Filipino people do not trust China. My families will not patronize
    things coming from China. The Dito most likely will die a natural death once this administration is gone.

  19. Avatar Pranas 26/09/2020 @ 8:57 am

    Huwei was cough trying to implant security holes in Linux kernel. Such company deserves to be ? in every environment where Linux works – servers, Mobile stations, Mobile phones, industrial devices, home automation …. it’s danger to almost every computing device.

  20. Avatar Danny 26/09/2020 @ 11:05 am

    Mapapagkatiwaal mo pa ang huawei pero ang globe hindi kasi dupang at gahaman tingnan nyo nmn ang internet nyo sa serbisyo sa mga mamayang pilipino tama ba eh napakabagal ng internet connection nyo

  21. Avatar Gracita Najarro 26/09/2020 @ 11:21 am

    Frankly, I’m considering not renewing my Globe subscription if they will continue using Huawei.

  22. Avatar Orlando de Ocampo 26/09/2020 @ 11:40 am

    The Philippines have had our own vivid exoerience with Communist ideology. Communism is the same everywhere – the narrative does not match the intent

  23. Avatar B. Ware 26/09/2020 @ 12:32 pm

    Never trust a communist!
    CCP never cares about other countries
    welfare, they make a deal to their own advantage.
    Think about the Uyghurs, Tibetans.
    Pakistan is now in China’s pocket.who is next?.
    It’s ambition of seizing the whole Indo-Pacific
    ocean, bullying it’s peaceful neighbors.
    Pres. Xi is the modern version of Hitler, the sick man of Asia.

  24. Avatar Ja 26/09/2020 @ 1:26 pm

    If the Philippines has to err, it will have to be on the side of caution. Certainly nothing wrong there.

    • Avatar puss_in_heels 12/10/2020 @ 5:34 pm

      All our telcos have to remember that we have a large BPO industry that is connected to the US, Canada, and the West in general. If we are using a network that they could never trust, they will take their business elsewhere. That will push most of us back into poverty.

      This is not to say Huawei is guilty or innocent. But we can’t afford losing potential customers especially in this pandemic.

  25. Avatar Carlo 26/09/2020 @ 1:56 pm

    I wonder how some people slam china ? The riches country in the world let’s be proud because china is our friend do you know all the raw material using in this world comes from China? I trust china I don’t trust america, and why the big issue here is security? Why china spy Phillipines ? China is our friend bare that in miind

  26. Avatar Lu Pe 26/09/2020 @ 3:57 pm

    any Chinese Communication company is dangerous …to any country…knowing that it is used to control people, interfere government lawmakers to favor them, destroy sovereignty and security risks…..that can sabotage a country …

  27. Avatar Eleanor Ramos 26/09/2020 @ 4:26 pm

    I like Huawei better and stick to them. They have better technology. Reliable service too

  28. Avatar Mayn 26/09/2020 @ 5:18 pm

    Hong Kong and Taiwan are Chinese too, but most of them defies China, the question is a big WHY? Have it crossed your minds too?

    • Avatar Casper 30/09/2020 @ 11:59 am

      “Hong Kong and Taiwan are Chinese too, but most of them defies China, the question is a big WHY? Have it crossed your minds too?”

      Well, China was an empire before the Marxism-Leninism (Communism) came. China was in fact a Nationalist Unitarian State controlled by the Kuomintang and when Mao Zedong came back to China he was brainwashed by the ideology of Communism and states that in order to create a new order is through armed rebellion (Maoism) – this brings us to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism (Communism). After World War II, the ceasefire between the Communist Peasants/Farmers and Nationalists was no longer effective and has resulted in an ongoing civil war which paved the way for Communism to rise in the whole China. Mao Zedong’s Youth at that time destroys temple and other religious figures (in Communism, Religion is nothing but a sigh of oppression to the people). The Nationalists (Kuomintang) lost the Mainland and so relocated to Taiwan.

      China – China

      When Communism ruled in mainland China until now it created what is now the Peoples’ Republic of China and the island of China in the east now named Republic of China – now named as an independent nation-state (country) as Taiwan.

      Don’t be fooled by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism (Communism) it makes you rebellious to your parents and the government.

      The British controlled Hong Kong until 1997 while Portuguese controlled Macao (gained independence before HK became independent and both returned to China. Both Hong Kong and Macao wanted to have their own government so China set up them both as SAR and Hong Kong is the only one who wants independence from the mainland and more democratic.


      In the end, whichever side you are (left, center, right) both are on the same path to Communism and is currently underway to secretly promote a totalitarian government system. Look at the US, both the Democratic and the Republican are on the same side fooling people on both sides. The governments are not exactly the governments that you are thinking – they are controlled by the Deep State and the Elites. Believe it or not, what you see on the media are almost all lies to psychologically brainwash you into thinking differently. They know that majority of the populations have weaknesses and they are exploiting it – “FEAR”. You might want to check out Operation Gladio that killed Western Europeans that their very own governments has orchestrated terrorism and bombings. You can check out the testimonies of those former operatives of OP Gladio.

      What you see, what you hear are not trustworthy. Its all lies. Both China and many powerful countries are on the same side fooling us.

      “The ‘Deep State’ and the Unspoken Crimes of the U.S. Empire, Operation Gladio” –

  29. Avatar Star 27/09/2020 @ 2:07 am

    Communist China has been stealing intellectual properties all over the world. I have proof of it coz I’m working in an electronics industry manufacturing high tech equipment which they have stolen. We have a product that has been copied. We are wondering why our sales decreased significantly & we have find out a Chinese firm selling the same products. We opened it & it is exactly the same but they took advantage of it selling heaps of it making a lot of profits. They just sell it half of our price. Privacy rules are signed by each employees but when they are bribeb a lot of money, temptations cannot be resisted . They just sell it half of our price. No wonder they are hated all over the world. They are spying in every countries to take advantage of you & they benefit on it yo control world power. They will used anything to get what they want like Belts & Road project, installing 5G Huawei & erecting DITO towers using Chinese materials to spy on you. You cannot trust them. Say N0 to the Communist China

    • Avatar happiman 12/10/2020 @ 6:15 am

      That just sounds evil China.

  30. Avatar Taariq Jacobs 27/09/2020 @ 7:50 am

    The world is worried about personal privacy… And what Trump has to say.

    Has the world ever looked at how the US spies on there own people through smart homes and technology.
    Has the world ever looked at how te US been self trying to take over Arab countries for oil.
    The world stands with Trump now over 5G yet have they ever taken note of how US got rid of Palestine on Google maps, they make as if Isreal is the right with this war been going on.


    • Avatar happiman 12/10/2020 @ 6:18 am

      Do you think as Trump is brainwashing people, so people are brainwashed in US?

      Do you think Xi is brainwashing people, so people are brainwashed in China?

      Between US and China which national population in general would be brainwashed, totalitarian vs democratic country?

  31. Avatar Emmanuel Suan 27/09/2020 @ 10:23 am

    I wonder people hate China but still patronized ,their products,name it and they got it ,where is the bilateral agreement…

    • Avatar happiman 12/10/2020 @ 6:20 am

      Jed, you are just one of those bullying Chinese, the evil culture of bullying, cheating and stealing county.

  32. Avatar braibart 07/10/2020 @ 6:28 pm

    sometimes people want to praise duterte’s philipines as being independent or standing up to the west, but this article shows that the philipines is still a colony of the west

  33. Avatar Kang 24/10/2020 @ 10:08 am

    More importantly than spying, Huawei network gear os terrible.

    Honestly if they are spying i dont care, everyone is spying, even Google and Facebook only you gave them consent without realizing it.

    but.Huawei networking gear and software is terrible. I was forced to migrate to fiber and they gave me a Huawei modem and the experience has been worst than the previous TP-Link modem.

  34. Avatar dinen 25/11/2020 @ 3:23 am

    The United States uses a large amount of funds for political advertising, including false propaganda.

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