Category: AI & Automation

Apple, Amazon and Google feel the heat in Q4

Three of Silicon Valley’s juggernauts posted some less than celebratory Q4 2022 results, revealing a gear shift from the boom times many aspects of Big Tech experienced during the pandemic.  

The Podcast: automation, edge and Ericsson

We’re delighted to welcome another special guest to the pod, Colin Evans from Juniper Networks. In the process of working out exactly what Juniper does, conversation soon turns to a variety of network-related themes, including automation and the mobile edge. Having done a general telecoms deep dive, they conclude with a look at Ericsson’s recent quarterly earnings and what they might indicate about the broader industry.

Why the telecoms industry should care about CES 2023

As the telecoms and wider tech industries become increasingly intertwined, CES and MWC are starting to look like two sides of the same coin – with the former providing the consumer use cases for advanced connectivity.

What will 2023 hold for the telecoms industry?

It’s that time of year again when we ask some leading lights from the industry to gaze into their crystal balls and take a punt on what we’ll be talking about next year in the world of telecoms.

The telecoms industry is facing a data crossroads

Telecoms companies that seek to unlock, share and collaborate with their most unique asset – their data; adopting a data-first approach will collaborate with their eco-systems more strategically and monetise new business streams.

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