Category: IoT

Qualcomm launches a bunch of IoT chips

Building on the launch of its Aware platform, US mobile chip giant Qualcomm has fleshed out its IoT proposition with no less than four new SoCs.

Nokia drops new industry 4.0 apps

Kit vendor Nokia has launched four third-party apps on Nokia MX Industrial Edge, designed to offer all sorts of handy things in smart industry settings.

Qualcomm announces Qualcomm Aware: an industrial intelligence solution

Scott Bicheno speaks with Roberto Di Pietro about the comprehensive new Qualcomm Aware platform. Qualcomm Aware is an innovative IoT platform that combines industry-leading chips, expansive ecosystem, and API-first, developer-friendly tools to digitally transform industries with real-time intelligence and visibility solutions.

Nokia and Kyndryl renew their business vows

Kit vendor Nokia and IT infrastructure firm Kyndryl have signed a new three-year agreement which will see collaboration on LTE and 5G private wireless services, Industry 4.0 offerings, and a new partner innovation lab.

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