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The Podcast: Security, China and Open RAN

After a brief pause the pod is back with a bang, thanks to the presence of special guest, analyst John Strand, who brought an obscene amount of beer with him. John is known for not pulling his punches on telecoms industry hot topics, and is especially strident on the threat posed by Chinese vendors, so they spend much of the time discussing that position, before concluding with a similar treatment of Open RAN.

Delivering on the O-RAN Promise with RIC and SMO

Marc-Andre Bordeleau, Senior Director Product Management from Juniper Networks highlights the progress made on RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) and the learnings from the RIC field trials in this keynote presentation. He also elaborates on solving the complexity of orchestration, automation, and service assurance with SMO.
Learn more about Juniper Network’s Open RAN solutions:

The Podcast: 6G, investment and RAN

The pod is delighted to welcome back former Chief Network Architect at BT Neil McRae, who starts by telling us about his new job. They move on to talk about 6G, with Scott and Iain having recently attended a conference on the matter, then get a report from Neil on a UK telecoms investment initiative he is part of, and conclude by trying to unravel the intricacies of the latest innovations in the Radio Access Network and why, if at all, we should care.

The Podcast: Freshwave, Open RAN and US vs China

After a short break the pod returns with special guest Tom Bennett from Freshwave. His company is all about neutral host infrastructure, so they start with a look at that market. Inevitably, Open RAN works its way into the conversation which, in turn provides an opportunity to discuss interesting startup EdgeQ. The situation between the US and China is never far from telecoms chat these days either, and they conclude with a look at how that conflict is ramping further.

The Podcast: media tech, Open RAN and Huawei

The pod is delighted to welcome back media technology Analyst Ed Barton this week. Following a refreshingly short preamble, they get straight into Ed’s area of expertise, which includes tangents onto video streaming, social media and AI Armageddon. They then reflect on a day out Iain and Scott had with Rakuten Symphony before concluding by reviewing Huawei’s recent annual report.

Open RAN is a pivotal moment for industry collaboration

OpenRAN offers many benefits and it’s clear that continued collaboration across key industry stakeholders, as well as government backing, is needed to take advantage of all it has to offer and enable us to utilise the technology to its full potential.

At whose expense will Open RAN thrive?

Figures for 2022 show that while the telecoms equipment sales rose in 2022 by 3%, it’s a declining rate of growth. For an influx of firms to turn up on the scene and make everything more diverse, someone’s surely got to loose market share.  

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