Reimagining the Fibre Broadband Experience

Date: 14th December
Time: 2pm GMT

COVID 19 has accelerated digital adoption and the value consumers and businesses place on fibre broadband connectivity. This increased demand, and favourable government policy, is attracting a wave of external investment, creating a fibre goldrush. Attracting and retaining customers in a highly competitive environment will make or break the business plan for fibre service providers.

Today’s customers have high expectations of their service providers. They expect simple, digital-first journeys and to jump seamlessly from mobile app and web interactions to a well- informed call centre or retail agent, if needed. They don’t care about legacy system challenges or complex back-end processes and will take their business elsewhere if the experience falls short.

Join this session to discover how to:

  • Redefine the end-to-end Fibre experience
  • Build digital journeys for multiple personas
  • Leverage a modern platform to launch quickly
  • Create a business value case for investment
  • Build a checklist of the digital capabilities needed


Oisin O’Connor – Senior Director, Communications Industry – Salesforce
Steven Klockaerts – Group CIO – Eurofiber
Nelson Sam – Senior Director, Customer Strategy – Salesforce
Wei Shi – Intelligence Manager – Telecoms.com

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