Will 5G Break the Cloud?

Date: 7th December
Time: 3pm UK Time

As 5G emerges from initial coverage deployments into adolescence, the urgency to identify new revenue opportunities has intensified. Gaming, AR/VR, video content and security surveillance headline an array of “hot prospects” under consideration. Delivering the performance and latency to power these next-gen services will require 5G to fully embrace its cloud architecture and will also place unprecedented demands on an array of telco, public/private and edge clouds.

Join Justin van der Lande, applications research director for Analysys Mason’s Telecoms Software and Networks group; Aloke Tusnial, vice president of Cloud Solutions at Spirent; and Stephen Douglas, head of Market Strategy for Spirent, as they explore the complex intersection of 5G and cloud technologies and answer the question: Will 5G break the cloud?

This webinar will cover:

  • How performance and latency requirements for new 5G services will stress telco, public/private and edge clouds
  • What it means for 5G to go cloud-native and the major testing headaches it brings
  • Why visibility across different types of clouds is so critical for 5G and what failure to address it could mean
  • How the move to edge services exacerbates this visibility challenge
  • New test and assurance techniques and CICD practices to improve visibility and ensure the cloud delivers the performance 5G needs

Aloke Tusnial – Vice President of Cloud Solutions – Spirent
Justin van der Lande – Research Director and Head of the Applications Practice – Analysys Mason
Stephen Douglas – Head of Market Strategy – Spirent Communications
Wei Shi – Intelligence Content Manager – Telecoms.com

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