5G: Realities and Expectations

5G global network connection

More than two years after the first commercial 5G networks went live, 5G has already become the fastest-adopted mobile generation. Meanwhile, plenty innovation is being planned for the years to come for 5G. It therefore makes sense for the industry to take stock of what has gone right in 5G so far and what could be improved, and to look ahead to what may materialise in the near future. Intelligence, in collaboration with CommScope and VIAVI Solutions, recently conducted a survey to get the views of telecoms professionals on 5G’s present and future states. Here are a few snippets of the findings from the survey:

  • 83% of respondents said 5G has either met or exceeded their expectations so far
  • 61% of respondents believed Open RAN will be either important or critical to their networks in the next three years
  • 88% of respondents agreed that they need a 5G core to capture the full benefits of 5G
  • 60% of respondents saw high cost as the leading impediment to rolling out 5G NR networks

Download the report and see the details and analyses behind these headline findings and many more. In addition, we have included the full survey results in the report as an Appendix, for the reader’s easy reference.

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