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LG U+ Claims Record 2.6Gbit/s 5G Commercial Network Speed

SEOUL — LG U+ has recorded its fastest ever commercial 5G network speed by using all-important Multi-User, Multiple Input and Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) technologies, CEO and Vice Chairman Ha Hyun-hwoi announced on June 6.

It hit the new top speed of 2.6 Gbit/s in the Yeouido region of Seoul with simultaneous sessions on 13 smartphones, adding 44 percent to its previous best of 1.8 Gbit/s set in April this year.

MU-MIMO is critical to reaching such high speeds. Taking advantage of beamforming technology, it allows radio signals to transmit toward a fixed target area in a specific pattern. This reduces interference and improves user experience.

Massive-element antennas, which can double base station capacities without increasing the power needed to transmit, are also important. They provide a remarkable boost to the number of devices able to access a certain coverage area and the speeds at which those devices can transfer data.

This allows multiple users to enjoy seamless ultra-high definition video streaming via 5G, even in locations where many users are connected to the same network.

“We are devoted to enhancing per-user service experience on 5G smartphones,” said Lee Sang-heon from LG U+’s Network Development Division. “At the same time, we are at forefront of upgrading the simultaneous multi-user session speeds even in dense urban area. By doing both, we hope to improve actual user experience.”

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