Next Steps for 5G Survey Report

Commercial 5G services have been live for more than a year. By the end of Q2 this year over 70 mobile operators across more than 40 countries had launched 5G. It is therefore a good time for the industry to take stock of 5G’s performance in its first year and start looking towards what should be expected and feared in the years to come. Intelligence recently undertook an industry survey to do exactly that. Here are a few snippets of what we found:

  • 41% of all who answered the survey felt 5G has either met or exceeded their expectations
  • 74% of the respondents expected to see 5G enable new use cases to generate additional value
  • 54% of the survey participants believed the failure to deliver on 5G’s high promises would be their biggest worry

Overall, industry professionals were largely happy with what 5G has achieved in its first year of commercial operation, and confident in its prospect of success, but not without reservations. In this survey report you can read the detailed findings of the survey and our analysis of them. The report covers three key topics: 5G Technologies, 5G Security, and 5G Expectations. We trust you will enjoy reading it and hope it will provide useful insights into the 5G market.


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