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Private 5G to drive Japan’s enterprises transformation delivering on security and data needs

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Japan’s spectrum liberalization of multiple create a positive environment for private 5G. Alongside spectrum availability, the country’s enterprises’ needs to better leverage data in a secure way to drive digital transformation and meet challenges such as production increase and labor shortages are making Japan one of the leading countries for private 5G adoption.

This is the time for enterprises to use private 5G to gain a competitive edge as the market is shifting from a trial stage into one of network rollouts. This phase will happen with enterprises needing to find private 5G solutions that can be adapted to their unique use cases and a partner eager to hide the complexity of private 5G to deliver a user-friendly experience. Download the report to understand:

  • Japan’s private 5G Network market dynamics
  • The drivers for private 5G uptake
  • What your enterprise end customers need to do next to successfully deploy private 5G

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