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5G Slicing-based Cloud Phone Verified — Shanghai Mobile and Huawei Deliver Optimal Experience

[Shanghai, May 20, 2022] On this year’s World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, China Mobile Shanghai (Shanghai Mobile) and Huawei released the result of their verification of China Mobile’s 5G network slicing-based cloud phones. The result shows that with 5G slices, China Mobile’s cloud phones can deliver optimal experience in multiple respects like bandwidth, latency, […]

China Mobile Li Junwei: 50G PON Is the Next Generation

On April 26, Li Junwei, manager of the Access and Home Network Research Office of China Mobile Communications Research Institute, delivered a keynote speech titled Thoughts on Optical Broadband Network Technology Evolution at the “Next Generation Broadband APAC 2022: Promoting Broadband Boundaries” webinar in the Asia Pacific region, elaborating on the key direction in optical […]

Huawei’s David Wang: Driving Industry Development with F5.5G

At the 19th Huawei Global Analyst Summit (HAS), Informa Tech held the Towards F5G Evolution, Promoting Industrial Prosperity session. At this session, David Wang, Huawei Executive Director of the Board and Chairman of the ICT Infrastructure Managing Board, gave a keynote speech titled Driving Industry Development with F5.5G. “The broadband industry has seen rapid development […]

Huawei launches FTTR solution in MWC 2022: Redefining Digital Home and SME Experience

[Barcelona, Spain, February 28, 2022] At the 2022 Mobile World Congress (MWC), Huawei launched innovative gigabit fiber-to-the room (FTTR) solutions. The solutions extend fibers to every room and aim to build an all-optical base for smart homes and digital enterprises, enabling gigabit Wi-Fi 6 coverage in each room and creating a brand-new digital life experience. […]

Huawei’s Ryan Ding: Ongoing Innovation Is Lighting up the Future of Every Industry

[Barcelona, Spain, June 29, 2021] During MWC Barcelona 2021, Huawei Executive Director and President of Carrier BG Ryan Ding delivered a keynote speech Innovation: Lighting up the Future. In his keynote, Ding said that innovation in ICT is becoming a key driver of the global economy and its value is moving beyond the telecoms industry. Ongoing innovation in 5G, in particular, will bring more value to operators, the ICT industry, and the global economy, and will light up the future of every industry.

Huawei’s Ken Hu: 5G Creates New Value for Industries and New Growth Opportunities

[Shanghai, China, November 12, 2020] At the 11th Annual Mobile Broadband Forum today, Huawei’s Deputy Chairman Ken Hu spoke with leaders in the telecoms and digital technology sectors about the new value that 5G can bring to different industries around the globe. As 5G is poised to transform the way we live, connect, and work, the telecoms sector is deeply invested in creating more value beyond the consumer market.

China Unicom Beijing Branch and Huawei Announce “5G Capital” Innovation Project Achievements

[Shanghai, China, November 12, 2020] At the China Unicom Beijing Branch and Huawei 5G Capital Press Conference, the two parties announced the achievements of the 5G Capital innovation project with the theme of “Smarter, Together”. They also launched “5G Capital Cube” together with industry partners such as Yitong Century, and Tencent Games to build E2E network capabilities and a win-win ecosystem.

Huawei’s Ryan Ding: Maximizing Wireless Network Value for a Golden Decade of 5G

[Shanghai, China, November 12, 2020] At the 2020 Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF), Huawei’s Executive Director and President of the Carrier Business Group Ryan Ding gave his keynote speech “Maximizing Wireless Network Value for a Golden Decade of 5G”. Ding said that the coming decade will be a golden age for 5G’s progress around the world, and that the whole industry must have faith in 5G, build the best 5G networks, and make the most of them for shared value.

Huawei Brings Over 220,000 Jobs in Europe

[Warsaw, Poland, November 6, 2020] In an Oxford Economics report released today titled The Economic Impact of Huawei, Huawei was found to have contributed EUR16.4 billion to Europe’s GDP and supported 224,300 jobs in 2019. The company also generated EUR6.6 billion in tax revenues for European authorities during that same time.

Huawei European Innovation Day 2020 reaffirms cooperation as a driving force behind integration of innovative economies, societies and individuals

How can Europe remain at the forefront of innovation in the world? How can we unlock the opportunities that are attracting talents and driving innovation in Poland and Central East Europe? This was discussed by the participants of the 8th edition of Huawei European Innovation Day in Warsaw, which was officially opened by Ms. Catherine […]

ConnecTechAsia Announces Virtual Event and 365 Marketplace for Second Half of 2020

Singapore, 3 June 2020 – Informa Markets today announced that ConnecTechAsia – Asia’s leading Infocomm Media and Technology event organised in partnership with Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), will be held on a virtual platform during the same dates, 29 September to 1 October 2020. This shift to a virtual event is in response to […]

Huawei’s Intelligent IP Network Solution Passes the EANTC Test

Huawei’s intelligent IP network solution recently passed strict tests conducted by European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC), verifying the commercial readiness of the solution’s key technologies and fully developed capabilities for the all-service intelligent era.

Huawei intelligent IP networks, accelerating intelligent connectivity

SHENZHEN, China – During Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2020, Huawei’s “Leading Intelligent IP Networks, Accelerating the Transformation Towards Intelligent Connectivity” summit was successfully held. This summit shed light on three typical characteristics of intelligent IP networks: super capacity, intelligent experience, and autonomous driving. Besides this, Huawei shared its numerous success stories of intelligent IP networks across industries, signifying the data communications industry’s arrival in the intelligent IP network era.

800G Pluggable MSA Work Group Releases the 800G White Paper

After several rounds of technical discussions and workshops, the 800G Pluggable MSA work group releases a white paper– ENABLING THE NEXT GENERATION OF CLOUD & AI USING 800GB/S OPTICAL MODULES. The white paper explains the evolution path for Data Center architectures and optical interconnect requirements of cloud expansion. Different scenarios of 800G applications are discussed from the technical point of view.

South Africa’s Rain and Huawei Build the First 5G Transport Networks Using OXC+200G Solution

[Johannesburg, South Africa, February 26, 2020] South Africa’s Rain announced that it has cooperated with Huawei to build a 5G transport network using Huawei’s optical cross-connect (OXC) and 200G solution, leveraging Huawei’s latest all-optical switching product, OXC (P32), to build a metro optical transport network with minimal footprint, high provisioning efficiency, simple O&M, and high scalability to address the medium- and long-term challenges brought by 5G and revolutionary services.

China Telecom Sichuan and Huawei Build a 3D-Mesh Backbone Network with OXC

[Chengdu, China, February 26, 2020] China Telecom Sichuan announced that they have built a mesh backbone network with Huawei, using Huawei’s latest all-optical switching OXC product to reconstruct the provincial backbone optical transmission network, explore the potential of live network resources, expand network capabilities, and improve O&M efficiency to cope with the mid- and long-term challenges brought by digital transformation and new service development in the era of cloud interconnection.

Huawei Upgrades SingleFAN Pro Solution to Boost Gigabit Full-fiber Broadband Development

[London, UK, February 24, 2020] At the Huawei products and solutions launch event in London, Huawei announced it had upgraded the Huawei SingleFAN Pro solution. The solution provides a series of sub-solutions, including AirPON, BusinessPON, CurbPON, Digital QuickODN (DQ ODN), embedded AI (eAI) ONT, and Flex-PON (A-B-C-D-E-F), to help global operators deploy gigabit full-fiber access networks in various scenarios.

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