Edge Computing Digital Symposium

The growth in network traffic, connected devices, cell sites and connection speeds is challenging service providers to not merely support these changes but to profit from them; to not just support the end user but to improve their experience. Edge computing has emerged as an architectural shift away from the more centralized compute and storage of many cloud architectures and toward processing and storage that is closer to the end user and application. This shift will impact service provider networks and cloud computing overall. Management, analytics and security deployed at the edge will absorb the growing pains of IoT, 5G, gaming, video learning and a host of other applications in a way that more centralized solutions will never be able to do. Edge computing once again places the advantage in the court of the service provider, which controls the metro and residential networks. Who will leverage this advantage and how?

The Light Reading Edge Computing Digital Symposium investigates two of the most transformative developments in the emerging edge sector: The critical role of edge in cloud computing and the dependency of widespread 5G rollout on edge-based automation, management and security.

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