The Last Hurrah of the Handset Subsidy

Tim Deluca-Smith, VP Marketing at WDS addresses how handset subsidies are impacting operator margins, yet many have been reluctant to remove them for fear of customer dissatisfaction. In trying to find the middle ground, several operators have looked to turn the traditional model on its head.

Battery life complaints causing operator headaches

Smartphone manufacturers are leaving customers disappointed by not quoting battery performance in a way that reflects day-to-day use, according to a study published today. Customer experience specialist WDS analysed the battery life of 50 of the top smartphones launched over the past year and compared them alongside two million technical support calls taken on behalf of global mobile network operators and handset manufacturers.

Xerox acquires WDS

Business process outsourcing provider and printer manufacturer Xerox has acquired customer experience specialist WDS. The firm said that it intends to use WDS’s expertise in the telecommunications industry to strengthen its portfolio of customer care solutions.

Have you ever been experienced?

David Ffoulkes-Jones, CEO of CEM solutions provider WDS, shares his views on how operators can develop customer experience management into a true competitive differentiator.

The customer experience in 2012

The customer experience will be a major area of focus for operators in 2012, following a dawning realisation that those companies that do not give their customers the time, investment and focus they require will see them defect to rivals in an increasingly competitive market.