White Paper – The Myth of High Availability in NFV

2083-The-Myth-of-High-AvailWhen designing Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) solutions, some software providers approach the problem of high availability through application-level redundancy schemes (load balancing, check pointing, journaling, etc.). But application-level high availability by itself doesn’t achieve the goal of five-nines (99.999%) reliability—the standard set by service providers using traditional network infrastructure based on physical equipment. In this paper, find out how to ensure five-nines availability for services delivered in an NFV implementation.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

• Some common misconceptions about how “high availability” is achieved
• A contextual view into ETSI recommendations from the Architectural Framework and Resiliency Requirements
• A brief overview of a comprehensive solution to deliver a robust, high availability, NFV infrastructure solution

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