WiMAX can live with satellite, says Norsat

Norsat International, headquartered in Canada, has unveiled a new line of band pass filters (BPF) designed to mitigate WiMAX terrestrial microwave interference on satellite reception.

“As WiMAX network deployments continue to expand globally so will their interference with satellite communications,” says Dr. Amiee Chan, president and CEO, Norsat. “With ongoing research and development in both WiMAX and satellite communications, Norsat is exceptionally well positioned to address the industry demands these competing technologies present. With projected growth in both business units, particularly in developing nations, we will continue to expand our product portfolio to fully capitalize on the market opportunity.”

The new BPF-C band pass filter will reject frequencies outside the range of 3.7GHz to 4.2GHz; the BPF-C-2 will reject frequencies outside the range of 3.625GHz to 4.2GHz; and the new BPF-C-BW36 is designed for those customers requiring a narrower filter to address a more precise frequency. This narrow band filter will pass through only ±18MHz on either side of the customers’ specified centre frequency. The new BPF-L is designed to provide additional filtering that may be required at L-Band to prevent modem saturation.


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