Moto ratchets up Android strategy

Troubled vendor Motorola sank yet more resources into the Android platform on Friday, moving to accelerate the development of apps for Android-based Moto handsets to be released later this year.

A new Android development resource–MotoDev features an app accelerator program and a studio for Android beta. This gives developers early access to a new suite of Google Android developer tools and programs, along with the opportunity to attend a Motorola summit in San Diego on October 6 for “advanced training and information gathering” on Android.

Through the program, select developers will be able to submit their applications to Motorola, paving the way for successful apps to be distributed through a variety of channels including carrier stores, the Android Market and third party distributors. In addition, the program will offer developers pre-release access to upcoming Motorola devices for testing.

Christy Wyatt, vice president of software platforms and ecosystem at Motorola, said: “We believe Android and open software has the freedom and flexibility to foster innovation, accelerate time to market, and deliver the most personal and customized mobile experiences for consumers.”

Moto recently revealed that it intends to have a portfolio of Android-based devices in stores for the Christmas shopping season, in a last ditch attempt to turn its handset business around.

Late last year, Moto announced plans to slim down its handset platforms portfolio, from over 20 different combinations of operating system, silicon and user interface (UI), to just three handset platforms—Android, Windows Mobile, and its own proprietary OS, P2K, which is used on devices such as the RAZR.

As a result, Motorola’s portfolio will shift to the higher end of the handset tier, although the company is gambling that over the next few years, the Android and Windows Mobile platforms will filter down through the mid-level so it can still address the mass market.

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