Spotify bursts onto iPhone, Android and S60

Spotify, the darling of the music streaming market, burst onto the mobile with  three platform offerings on Monday.

First off the blocks was the iPhone app, followed closely by a version for the Android platform, and a third for Symbian S60.

The music service will be available as a premium service only, priced at £9.99 per month, which removes the audio adverts delivered to users of the free offering every few songs. Consumers will be able to download the application from the Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch and from the Android Market for Google’s mobile OS.

Spotify is less advanced with its product for the most widespread smartphone platform, with only a demo of its application available on Symbian S60.

“It’s an early version and we still have a fair bit of work to do before we can release it but we wanted to give you a little idea of what to expect. And like our other mobile apps, Spotify for S60 will be available for our premium subscribers,” the company said.

The mobile versions of Spotify boast an offline mode that makes playlists available at all times, even when no wifi or cellular connection is available.


  1. Avatar iPhone App Developer 07/09/2009 @ 5:30 pm

    I wonder who decided to make it only available as a premium/paid service – and why? – it’ll surely restrict it’s potential popularity enormously…

  2. Avatar robo 12/09/2009 @ 3:49 am

    so basically internet radio with a choice to listen to your music for free (although having to suffer with the ads) or pay to kill the ads.. not a bad idea.. the big Music companies have got way too greedy….$20-30 cds – what a joke!! I still think artists can distribute their Music/Art and make more $$$ with a sales model…but some Artists don’t want to work so hard and want to sit back and let those big Market drive companies be their boss and off with the Fairies BS fantasy land… all about the marketing isn’t it?

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