WiMAX backers shed light on technology’s future

WiMAX proponents continue to push the technology along, with a handful of backers this week announcing the next generation of the platform – WiMAX 2.

It may all be in a name, but WiMAX 2, otherwise known as IEEE 802.16m, meets the ITU requirements for 4G, delivering higher peak throughout rates of up to 300Mbps, along with lower latency and better support for VoIP.

Intel, Alvarion, Beceem, GCT, Motorola, Samsung, Sequans and ZTE are the players behind the WiMAX 2 initiative announced this week. The group said it will reveal more information about product roadmaps within the next six months and aims to have commercial products available by mid-2011.

As WiMAX 2 was announced, US technology proponent Clearwire welcomed the consumer adoption of wireless data services in mature markets, noting that Clearwire users are consuming an average of 7GB of wireless data per month.

“The wireless industry is convinced that the growing volume of data consumers are eating up is a bad thing,” said Mike Sievert, chief commercial officer at Clearwire. “But for us, our spectrum position gives us tremendous capacity and the ability to meet the explosive demand for mobile broadband. Today our Clear mobile customers are using an average of more than 7GB of data per month on our network. And while other companies are considering how to curtail usage, we simply say to our customers, here’s the Internet: the world in the palm of your hand – enjoy it.”


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