SFR looks to clouds for enterprise offering

French carrier SFR has tapped HP to build it a complete cloud services platform designed to enable the service provider to offer cloud-based services with utility-based pricing to French companies.

Under the cloud-based offering, SFR business customers can access services on demand such as IT infrastructure as a service (IaaS), communications as a service (CaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS), all with guaranteed quality network bandwidth. Business benefits for SFR customers include predictable operating costs, less capital investment and decreased risk in new technology adoption, SFR said.

“Cloud services represent a major opportunity for both SFR and our business customers,” said Paul Corbel, general manager of the business team at SFR.

SFR should have some faith in the offering, seeing as HP is providing it with the same IaaS platform to cater to its businesses customers that SFR is already using internally for its own IT needs.

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