Telekom Austria migrates fixed net telephony to VoIP

Telekom Austria has announced that its domestic brand, A1, has fully migrated its fixed net telephony to VoIP, claiming to be the first to do so in the EU.

The firm said that although the migration caused interruptions to the telephone service, they lasted just a few minutes and took place at night, outside of peak hours. The group also made temporary call forwarding available without any extra charges for emergency services during the switchover.

Following the integration, the IP network was supplemented by two new network components: the multi service access node (MSAN), which was provided by Chinese kit vendor Huawei and an advanced IP-softswitch (AIPS) delivered by system integrator Kapsch CarrierCom.

The group explained that the rollout was carried out across the country from west to east with a total of 50 switching centres migrated each week.

“The integration of fixed net telephony into our all-IP data network was one of the most comprehensive and complex projects in the history of our company,” said Günther Ottendorfer, CTO at Telekom Austria Group.

“In only four years, we not only had to migrate a total of 1,480 switching centres for roughly 2.3 million fixed net customers, but we also had to implement major changes in a great number of IT systems, ranging from billing to customer service. However, the Austrian team was able to ensure a smooth migration process and meet the planned time schedule, turning this challenging undertaking into a showcase project, whose impact goes far behind our scope of activity.”

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